April, 2024

Launch of UAE’s largest interior search portals takes design world by storm–welcome Interior Hunt!

DUBAI-Interior design fanatics now have a place to call ‘home’ in the online sphere, as the UAE’s largest interior search portal launches.Interior Hunt is a huge database packed full of interior inspiration and design know-how, where anyone can interact with companies and brands to source the products that will make any house feel more like a home.

The portal combines search with social networking, so Interior Hunt users can like and comment on the interior ideas that really catch their eye, and chat with the companies that manufacture or sell certain products. For those who want their home to be a haven of uniquely sourced items and one-of-a-kind furniture, Interior Hunt is a real treasure trove. And with an app set to launch and a quarterly magazine set to be distributed across the UAE, the site is set to become the #1 destination for all things interior design.

Jai Rangwani, Founder of the interior search portal says, “With more than 1,000 companies already signed up and a booming portfolio packed with inspirational interior and beautiful design ideas, we’re thrilled to be launching Interior Hunt to the public. Users can pick up ideas and use the site as their muse for a renovation at home, or they can interact with companies and brands themselves, putting together a selection of unforgettable pieces that will certainly make an impression on house guests.”

Everything on the site is organised by categories – so users can sort and filter the items that they’re searching for. They can choose to filter by room, so all bathroom or kitchen accessories appear, or they can narrow down the search further by searching for living room tables, bathroom mirrors or office shelving. There are sections for flooring and wall covers, and even an outdoor section for balconies, decks and gardens. All of the items come from elite and luxury brands based in the UAE – so users won’t come across any mass-manufactured flat-pack furniture on Interior Hunt!

The site also features an area where professionals and experts can pass on their advice, or answer any interior design questions that users may have. Whether users want to know which colours work best in a Moroccan-themed living space, or whether they’re trying to discover the best way to maintain a walnut side table, the ‘Pro’s Advice’ section is teeming with tips and handy hints that will turn any amateur into a savvy interior expert.

If an interior design job is a little more extensive than simply choosing a pretty lamp and hanging some new wallpaper, there are also contractors and service providers listed on the site. From project management teams and architects to specialists in ergonomic working solutions and contract cleaners, Interior Hunt offers a comprehensive catalogue of solutions for those who need work done at their home. 

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