December 5, 2023

Kuwaiti, Dutch civil aviation initial MoU

KUWAIT- The Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced on Thursday(May 15th) the signing of a new bilateral agreement with the Dutch civil aviation authorities, and an MoU on operating national airliners between the two countries.

Fawwaz Al-Farah
Fawwaz Al-Farah

Civil aviation chief Fawwaz Al-Farah told KUNA joint talks were held in Kuwait to update bilateral mechanisms and arrangements regarding organization of navigation between the two friendly countries. He added the talks also aimed to bolster cooperation in this field and enhance flexibility, as well as to increase economic feasibility of the bilateral operation.

The agreements took into consideration the continued growth in aviation traffic, both passenger and cargo traffic, as well as respect of right of travel.

They are also in harmony with the directorate’s open skies policies and its encouragement of international airlines to increase traffic to and from Kuwait International Airport to facilitate movement of passengers and cargo, and its plans to connect the airport with key international airports around the world.

This, the official remarked, would boost traffic between the two countries and also help boost economic and trade exchange.-KUNA

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