April, 2024

Kuwait Textile Arts Association launches 15th annual exhibition

8641424a-5445-425a-be51-b22f82e1bfc5KUWAIT- Kuwait Textile Arts Association (KTAA) has launched its 15th annual exhibition showcasing many arts and crafts by its 90 plus members representing many nationalities at Ahmad Al-Adwani Hall and will continue till next Saturday.
“The exhibition is celebrating the end of a fruitful season for the association that is under the auspices of Sadu House, a local art association that supports this traditional art and commodity,” President of KTTA Dr. Linda Fouke told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) during the opening ceremony.

She explained that the association looks for and hosts workshops and lectures from specialists in weaving and quilting “as part of the training and capacity-building for our members throughout seasons that start in September and end in June,” adding that this year was no exception and the association hosted two designers from India, a Japanese themed “geisha” workshop and also the traditional Arabic men’s cloak the “bisht.” “The KTAA also draws the attention of women textile artist; from Germany, France, Spain, England and the US, as well many Kuwaitis, a matter that can create a good mixture of expertise and cultural backgrounds in the meetings and workshops hosted periodically by KTAA” she said.

Dr. Fouke assured that such mixture would also give the audience an opportunity to see many different designs and backgrounds reflected into these art pieces.

“The National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters has been very supportive and its Director General Ali Al-Youha’s assistance was instrumental in organizing this exhibition that is held in the same hall for the second year in a row,” she pointed out.

Meanwhile, Scottish quilting expert Pat Archibald told KUNA that it is “impressive that the women in this exhibition have the ability and knowledge to showcase their creativity in many types of weaving and quilting platforms.” Archibald, who is supposed to be the final guest for the KTAA season this year in a workshop tomorrow, said that its exciting to be exposed to the traditions of weaving in this region and its unique designs and features.

KTAA is a multicultural nonprofit organization that was established under the patronage of Sheikha Altaf Al-Salem Al-Sabah in October 1994 for promoting the knowledge and skills of textile-related arts in Kuwait and the Gulf region.-KUNA

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