December 2, 2023

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strongly condemns Israeli and Syrian regime's practices

NEW YORK- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strongly condemned the racist and arbitrary practices carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities in the occupied Palestinian territories against the Palestinian people and the Islamic holy sites in occupied Al-Quds, also condemning the policies of murder, starvation and subjugation by using various machines of destruction carried out by the Syrian regime in Damascus to retain power even at the remains of innocent women, elderly people and children.


Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Mo'allemi
Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Mo’allemi

The Kingdom pointed out in its speech before the United Nations Security Council session in New York last night(April 29th) to discuss the situation in the Middle East which was delivered by the Kingdom’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Mo’allemi that Israel still continues its arbitrary policies contrary to the will of the international community, which is the same path taken without deviation over the past six decades.

He said that Israel is still continuing in its attempts to Judaize Holy Al-Quds, change its demographic composition, and continuing its settlement policies in the detention of thousands of prisoners, violation of the sanctity of the holy places, displacement of Palestinians, especially in Holy Al-Quds, and the policy of apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

Ambassador Al-Mo’allemi pointed out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a sponsor of Islamic sanctities strongly condemns the attacks, the ongoing instigation acts in Al-Aqsa Mosque, Israel’s putting of obstacles and prohibitive measures against the entry of worshipers to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and preventing them from exercising their legitimate right to worship .

He stressed that the Kingdom holds Israel full responsibility for the deterioration of the situation in Al-Quds and any negative consequences resulting from the attacks carried out by the occupation forces and extremist settlers, and condemns everything that would change the identity of the historical, religious and legal status of the holy places, demanding immediate cessation of all acts that lead to demographic change of Holy City of Al-Quds.

He expressed the Kingdom’s welcome to the accession of the State of Palestine to a number of conventions and international legal mechanisms which demonstrates its commitment to international legitimacy and willingness to assume its responsibilities required by international law, also welcoming Palestinian National reconciliation.

Ambassador Al-Mo’allemi reiterated the commitment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab League to the Arab peace initiative, calling on the Security Council to compel the Israeli government to stop its aggressive actions in violation of international laws, the Fourth Geneva Convention and Security Council resolutions on the occupied Palestinian and Lebanese territories and occupied Arab Syrian Golan Heights.

On the situation in Syria, he said, “The situation in brotherly Syria is the biggest human tragedy taking place in this century and the situation still continues to deteriorate in light of the Syrian authorities to use any means to achieve its goals of hunger and subjugation practiced against innocent people in Homs and different areas of Syria to force them to surrender and obey the will of artilleries.

He demanded that the Security Council take additional steps as stipulated by the resolution 2139 in light of the continued violation of the Syrian regime for its clauses and its continuation in the use of weapons and chemical substances against its own people, and break the siege immediately and unconditionally imposed on Homs, Aleppo, and all the besieged areas.

The Kingdom’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations explained that the continuation of the Syrian authorities to hold presidential elections under the current circumstances is a confirmation of the continuation of the Syrian leadership in the suppression of the Syrian people’s aspirations for freedom, dignity and deprivation of exercising their right to self-determination.

He stressed that the inability of the Security Council on the implementation of its resolutions adopted unanimously and welcomed comprehensively by the international community is considered as a serious undermining of the credibility of the Council and the principles of the United Nations.-SPA


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