October 2, 2023

Int'l Congress of News Agencies holds preparatory meeting in Baku


 Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Hussein
Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Hussein

RIYADH- The International Congress for News Agencies is set to hold its first meeting in the Azerbaijan capital of Baku from June 1 – 3, 2014 to prepare for the 5th International Congress of News Agencies.

The meeting, in which Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Hussein, the President of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), leads his organization’s delegation, will discuss the proposed date for the 5th conference which will be held in Baku in 2016, receive proposals on the agenda of the conference, means of promotion of the international organization and listen to developmental ideas.

The Riyadh-based SPA has hosted the previous international conference in November last year which issued Riyadh Declaration, calling for preservation of professionalism, impartiality and objectivity in dealing with news and reports and means to develop a new brand of news agencies in the 21st century.-SPA

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