April, 2024

Integrated medicine champion Dr. Ali spills secrets to looking young

dr mosaraf aliDedicate an hour a day for yoga or meditation, go for exercises like swimming or walking and go to a spa once in a month to rejuvenate yourself thoroughly and this will give you a fresh young look, says Dr. Mosaraf Ali, Britain’s best-known champion of integrated medicine.
Dr. Ali, who has successfully helped the likes of Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber, Morgan Freeman, Sylvester Stallone, Kate Moss and many other high-profile celebrities, was in Dubai recently to share the details of a new health concept called Time Reversal, which is essentially a rejuvenation program.
Dr. Ali, the founder of the Integrated Medical Center in London, has been successful in creating a synergy between the conventional and traditional schools of medicine thereby producing a powerful anti-oxidant and cleansing formula that heals and enhances simultaneously.
“The basic principles of Time Reversal were taken from Kaya Kalpa, an ancient Indian rejuvenation therapy taught to me by my late master,” the Kolkata-born doctor told Arab News.
“I modified it using my clinical knowledge and experience,” added Dr. Ali who earned the titles of “Cure-All Doctor” and “Genuine Integrated General Physician.” These qualities made him a Royal Physician and family doctor of many public figures worldwide.
His 21-day program includes massaging of the neck and body, exercise, yoga, body treatments, face and hair treatment and a healthier diet.
He guarantees that his 7-secrets put together will definitely change the body and make it work and feel better.
Those attending his program, he says, will see a near 10 percent vision improvement, 40 to 60 percent increase in flexibility, overall muscles firmness, an appreciable weight loss and an almost 15 percent increase in collagen, the main structural protein of the connective tissues.
His method involves trying to work on the neck to improve the blood flow to the sub-conscious part of the brain, where everything takes place.
“Even though yoga, meditation, massage and diet form the backbone of the treatments, the various techniques we use are quite different. I have to create my own therapies,” he said.
“For example, the yoga used is organ-based and its main goal is to draw blood to every part of the body, thus replenishing its nourishment and simultaneously removing the waste.
“As for the diet, we regulate the stomach acid, increase liver function, eliminate yeast or candida in the gut, reinstate healthy gut flora and facilitate elimination of waste. Our cooking method excludes oil but enriches the food with tasty condiments and herbs, making our dishes very tasty,” he added. His standard recipe uses 7 cooking methods: raw, boil/steam, poach, stew, roast, bake and grill to which he adds local condiments and fresh herbs to accentuate the taste of the food. No oil of any sort is ever used, including olive or coconut oil. His Breakfast Mewa, Himalayan tea, the soups, etc. are instant hits with the guests.
He elaborates on the benefits like being liberated of short-term memory and tiredness, total detoxification and increased energy and flexibility.
In addition to which there will be the complete change of senses: A healthy pink tongue, better eye-sight and hearing and change in the smell of the breath. People who undergo the program have substantial energy, look and feel good.
When asked about his initial experience in establishing his resort in Kerala, he said, my first aim at Carnoustie Resorts was to enlighten or educate the management about a new concept of health management in that part of the world.
I was fortunate that my doctors, instantly understood the power of my unique approach to health care. They were very keen to learn some of those techniques as patients showed remarkable results within days of being in the resort.
“I have trained talented doctors for my resort in Kerala. They are handling my center which has around 30 villas in it. There is a new spirit in Carnoustie and there is more to come,” he added.
Dr. Ali, author of many famous books including “The Neck Connection,” “Dr. Ali’s Women’s Health Bible,” and “Dr. Ali’s Weight Loss Program,” urged Gulf residents not to live in an air-conditioned environment all the time.
“Do not live in the cold always but keep one of your rooms without air-conditioning for a while to breath in the natural air. Control acid and stay away from mucus producing foods like banana, cheese, rice, etc.,” Dr. Ali explained when Arab News asked for some tips for the residents in the Gulf.

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