December 7, 2023

Info Security Forum, Arabian Social Media Forum sessions resume

KUWAIT- The sixth Kuwait Info Security Forum and the third Arabian Social Media Forum resumed sessions on Thursday(May 8th), with lectures, seminars, and reviews of papers and projects by specialists in the fields of information security, information technology, and social media platforms and how it all affects our daily lives.

Head of the organizing team at promedia Adel Al-Alati told KUNA that chairmen and executives at local, Arab, and other institutions reviewed their papers and research findings during the sessions, held under the patronage of His Highness the Premier Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah. The events are co-organized with the Central Agency for Information Technology. The 350 participants are to review 32 papers, discuss studies, and give presentations with visuals in 16 seminars and workshops.

During the Info. Security Forum, Khalid Al-Enizi of the Central Agency for Information Technology was among the speakers and his theme was “electronic threats”, while Cyril Voisin addressed “Cloud Computing and Security”, and Kais Barakat for his part talked about “Security Education: Awareness and Training”.

Nader Henin meanwhile addressed “Mobility and Security”, Bashar Al-Abdulhadi selected the theme “Web/Ecommerce security”, Mustafa Qurban addressed “Improving security awareness/education”, and Dimitrios Petropoulos’ topic was “Cybersecurity vs. Information Security”.

As for the Arabian Social Media Forum, the speakers included Sofie Sandell who addressed “Digital Leadership – How to communicate your brand values using social media”, while Nasser Al-Mujaibel talked about Youtube and society, and Ayman Itani chose the theme “The Opportunities of Established Media with Real-Time Marketing”. Mohammad Hijazi for his part addressed e.commerce.

Abdulaziz A. Alzain addressed “Social Media Marketing Strategies and its importance in the Arab world” while Abdulwahab Al-Oraifan addressed “How social media can help on marketing your business”, and the theme addressed by Kamel Al-Asmar was “The use of social media for the nonprofit sector and for development uses”.

Al-Alati pointed out the themes are all of great importance at presence and the discussions are of great value to the participants and their respective institutions, and the enhanced performance and level of accountability and responsibility would ultimately benefit the whole society.-KUNA

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