July, 2024

HALLA WALLA launches a festive season Ramadan emoji pack

Dubai: HALLA WALLA, the Arab emoji app, is back with a special Ramadan Pack of emoji stickers and gifs to keep your spirits well and truly up during the holy month. From sesame dates to suhoor, Halla Walla’s new range lets you share the Ramadan experience with friends and family in a fun and exciting way.

Since launching, HALLA WALLA has gained applause from all corners of the globe; praising the app for it’s distinctively proud and humorous tone of celebrating Arab culture through it’s many beautiful and nostalgic traditions.

This new expansion pack releases May 26th to coincide with the first evening of Ramadan, celebrates the many different regional traditions that revolve around the special month and will feature emojis depicting all the familiar and loved customs we grew up with.










Breaking your fast with sesame seeds and dates each evening; fragrances of bukhoor (scented bricks) wafting out of the kitchen while your mother prepares the Gahwa (Arabic Coffee). The feasts, the waiting, the ghabga gatherings (family & friends gatherings, usually involves food), the family, reaching halfway through the month for gerga3oon (Mid Ramadan celebrations in Bahrain and other GCC countries) and sympathizing with each other over thirst and cravings.

HALLA WALLA’s Ramadan Pack helps you share these special moments with your loved ones, giving each other the strength and good humour to persevere through your fast and honour these sacred traditions.

Download the expansion for free here: http://apple.co/2l9CqA0


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