December 3, 2023

Gold AE exhibits at Dubai’s Ecommerce Show Middle East 

DUBAI – Gold AE, the first corporate entity in the Middle East to be incorporated in Dubai for online trading of deliverable gold and silver and a subsidiary of Gold Holding Ltd, exhibited for the first time at the Ecommerce Show Middle East at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 13 and 14.

The conference provided a unique opportunity for Gold AE to network with the thousands of delegates who attended the exhibition and to demonstrate its online trading platform, technologies, products and services to a global audience.

Taxi wrapped in Gold at Ecommerce exhibitionCentral to its exhibition was a ‘gold wrapped’ London taxi, which was the focus of attention for many of the attendees.

Mohammad Younis, Director, Business Development, Gold AE,commented,“We were delighted to be attending the Ecommerce Show Middle East. As the first company in the Middle East to establish an Ecommerce gold/silver bullion, Gold AE’s online offering is a key growth driver for the Gold Holding integrated business model. Whether buyers are purchasing bullion through our online store occasionally or are regularly using our trading platform to buy and sell on international spot prices with better premiums, our customers enjoy an easy-to-access, secure Ecommerce experience. Overall, we are focused on Gold AE becoming one of the key players in the international bullion trading market and ensuring that Gold Holding is delivering the highest quality services from mining to refining to trading and distribution.”

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