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Fun facts on Lady Gaga's artRAVE the ART POP BALL

900,000 plus fans will attend this year’s ARTPOP Ball by the time it wraps in Paris November 24, 2014.

21,346 labor hours went into the design and construction of the stage, which includes catwalks, an integrated Absolut ARTPOP lounge in the middle of the floor, and pods with additional props and rooms for costume changes.

478 feet of air hosing is used, which inflates a garden on stage during the show.

144 tour personnel including Lady Gaga, band, dancers, creative directors, stylists, production team, management staff, technicians, and drivers make up the entire touring team.

Lady Gaga  "artRave: The Artpop Ball" Tour - Pittsburgh110 feet of runway takes over from the main stage over to the audience on the arena floor. The runways connect to several platforms leaving fans guessing just where to stand on the floor. All the runways are visible from underneath.

78 performances in 68 cities in a variety of venues sizes including stadiums, arenas, festivals, a racetrack and a park will take place.

24 songs including “Applause,” “G.U.Y.” & “Do What U Want” from her most recent #1 Billboard Top 200 album ARTPOP plus previous favorites “Telephone” “Just Dance” “Born This Way” & “Bad Romance” and more will be performed.

21 trucks transport everything from the stage to the costumes from venue to venue.

15 inflatable trees, which sprout up on stage during “Venus” create a bouncy garden in the middle of the show.

14 dancers of all shapes and sizes, band members including 2 guitars, bass, keys & drums keep the beat alive throughout the show.

14 wardrobe changes — one of which happens on stage — with the fastest outfit swap taking only 30 seconds.

3 hours to break down the stage, which is carted in less than two days to the next tour stop.

1 Born This Way Bus in support of the “Born This Way Foundation” established by Lady Gaga and Cynthia Germanotta in 2011 was established to build a “youth-empowered braver & kinder world.”

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