February 23, 2024

Experts share the latest in alcohol and drug addiction research at NRC

ABU DHABI- Insight into the most recent drug treatment programs available to battle alcohol addiction, results of studies on various types of substances with psychoactive properties and developing integrated therapeutic community treatment models were just some of the topics discussed at an event hosted by the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC). The Center invited six professors from the global non-profit International Society for Addiction Medicine (ISAM) with an aim to evaluate the treatment services provided by the center. On the side line of the visit, a workshop was held to share their insight and expertise in substance addiction, treatment and prevention for UAE-based healthcare professionals.

Pic1The workshop – attended by over 85 professionals from the UAE and abroad–aimed to get national specialists to understand how interdependent substance addition and its treatment can be, and also to showcase ‘tried and tested’ solutions to manage care, as well to promote abstinence. Attendees represented several UAE entities such as: Zayed Military Hospital, Khalifa Hospital, UAE University and SEHA.

Dr. Hamad Al Ghaferi, NRC’s Director General said: “The issue of substance abuse is real, and sadly, quite common around the world. Besides promoting bilateral cooperation and knowledge sharing, specialist initiatives such as this allow us to examine global trends, such as finding the root of the cause – or the drivers – that trigger people into abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. Having this information allows professionals to design customizable programs that ensure patients are getting the most out of their treatment. We’re delighted that the content shared during the workshop contributes to our efforts of building the capabilities of the local workforce, and ensures that the local medical community is up to speed with international best practices.”

The ISAM seeks to promote collaboration, research, and policy, as well education to encourage physicians worldwide to play a stronger and more effective role in the prevention of addictive illness.

During their stay in Abu Dhabi, the ISAM delegation visited the NRC to audit and evaluate services provided to ensure that it is delivering addiction care and rehabilitation treatment per best international practices. According to the results of this audit, the NRC will be able to set its strategy and future plans to continue developing its rehabilitations and treatment services.

Al Ghaferi added: “Implementing international best practices that are customized for this part of the world is a priority for us; we’re looking forward to reviewing the ISAM’s recommendations and suggested guidelines.”

Professor Hannu Alho, ISAM President said: “We, at ISAM, would like to thank the NRC for its efforts in hosting and coordinating this workshop which allowed us to meet the men and women who are dedicated to providing the best of the best in the addiction treatment field. The workshop gave us the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences, and also promote dialogue among experts and professionals from all around the world.”

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