September 26, 2023

Dubai’s retailers enjoy brisk business ahead of ‘Eid in Dubai’

DUBAI- It is raining discounts in Dubai – from fashion, to electronic goods, home ware and designer apparel, resulting in the on-going ‘Ramadan in Dubai’, witnessing another year of enthusiastic buying and selling, and malls reporting an increase in footfall.

Eid in Dubai  (31)As ‘Ramadan in Dubai’ paves the way for two eagerly anticipated mega events occurring one after another  – ‘Eid in Dubai’ and Dubai Summer Surprises, retailers are going the extra mile to woo expatriates and tourist shoppers. Fashion apparel, home furnishings and electronics top the list of most popular purchases during Ramadan, as Dubai’s allure as a leading shopping destination continues to grow.

Retailers are also benefiting from the mega ‘Summer is Dubai’  promotion that is running across Ramadan in Dubai, Eid in Dubai and Dubai Summer Surprises, offering shoppers spending AED 200 at a participating mall the opportunity to win prizes up to AED 4 million in prizes.

The second leg of the campaign commenced on 15 July and will run until the last day of Eid. Shoppers have the chance to win prizes of up to AED1.5 million in cash and AED500,000 in shopping vouchers.  The final leg of the campaign between 2 August and 5 September  will see lucky shoppers winning 6 BMW Luxury cars and AED 500,000 in shopping vouchers.

Meanwhile, shoppers can also avail themselves of attractive bargains and deals including discounts of up to 75 % percent offered at malls and retail outlets in Dubai.

Eid in Dubai  (24)Nadeem Khanzadah, Head – Retail, Jumbo Electronics, said: “Ramadan in Dubai is an exciting time for consumers, and the city’s retail experience is unparalleled during this time of year. The Holy Month also presents retailers with lucrative opportunities, given that a large number of families are looking to engage in communal activities – including shopping and dining.  

“The consumer electronics market in the UAE has been enjoying a great run this year, with research analyst Gfk estimating the sector to be valued at AED17 billion. Our revenue growth during the first half of 2014 has in fact jumped by 20% compared to the same period last year, with sales rise across popular categories such as mobile phones increasing by 30%, tablets by 25%, and televisions by 10%.

He added: “DFRE has continually supported the local retail industry with a full calendar of events during the year that attract a significant number of residents and visitors to the city. We expect to see these strong shopping trends continue as we approach the Dubai Summer Surprises, which commences during just after the Eid-al-Fitr holiday. Shoppers have much to look forward to in terms of great deals to buy gifts for close family and friends.”

To get a sense of popular shopping patterns in Dubai during the Holy month of Ramadan, the Media Centre of DFRE interviewed a range of shoppers browsing clothes racks and shelves at supermarkets, furniture and electronics stores. Here is what they had to say:

Mohammed Al Hafiz
Mohammed Al Hafiz

Mohammed Al Hafiz from Sudan

“I love to shop during the last 10 days of Ramadan – mostly due to the huge offers and discounts. I tend to buy apparel and accessories for my three daughters and wife. Besides the promotions on food products, we have great value deals on electronics, fashion, furniture and home accessories. We wait for such an opportunity all year.”  

Mohammed Ibrahim – Dubai, UAE

“I love to shop during the beginning of Ramadan and most of my purchases are made calmly and away from traffic. Most of the brands that my wife and I love such as Armani run great offers during Ramadan and since we live in Mirdif, Mirdif City Centre is our preferred destination for everything we need. We love to replace our furniture and buy home accessories – it enhances the festive spirit of Eid.

“In the past we used to love shopping abroad.  Now Dubai has become a global shopping destination, and brands take the opportunity to run great offers, which triggers competition and helps brands get rid of their old stock.” 

Salim Memlakar
Salim Memlakar

Salim Memlakar – India

“I have been living in Dubai for the past 15 years and I got quite used to shopping during Ramadan especially during the first half of the month with the ongoing sales and value added offers. My wife and I are used to changing our wardrobes and home accessories, and we end up refurbishing our homes during Ramadan.”

Ebtesam Saas, UAE

“I have spent the last few days of Ramadan at furniture shops. Refurbishing our homes is very important for us and my priority is to shop before Eid and take advantage of all the offers. Also Emiratis like to gift family friends and we tend to buy a lot of gold and chocolates. With clothes, I do not mind buying goods at their full price, seeing that most of the stores are unveiling new collections which are not part of any promotion. I feel Ramadan encourages retailers to offer the best discounts.”

Sukaina and her cousin
Sukaina and her cousin

Sukain BB – Sri Lanka

“My shopping list during Ramadan primarily comprises of flour, custard, rice and other household products. Meanwhile, I look out for the best deals which run during the last ten days of Ramadan. The sales make Ramadan a very fruitful month with shops and malls participating to enrich the shopping experiences for both residents and tourists. Having lived and spent during Ramadan in Dubai for several years now, I am quite used to shopping during this time of the year.”

Husam Al Daisamany
Husam Al Daisamany

Hussan Al Daysamany – Saudi Arabia

“I am in Dubai on a business trip and could not miss the opportunity of shopping during Ramadan in Dubai. The great offers, discounts and sales along with the value added benefits are irresistible and I bought a large number of gifts, including perfumes and accessories to my family.”

Ameera Redha
Ameera Redha

Ameera Redha, Alexandria

“I have lived in the UAE for the past 30 years and find shopping in Dubai very exciting because of the promotions and offers. I prefer shopping during the morning hours and tend to buy fashion accessories, sweets, baked cookies and home accessories like curtains. I love shopping at H&M, ZARA, Max Fashion and Marks & Spencer.”

Tamara Salman
Tamara Salman

Tamara Salman – Lebanese American citizen 

“I love to shop when I am fasting. I usually take a tour around shopping malls after work when it is quiet so I can hunt for the best deals and offers. We find unbelievable promotions during Ramadan in Dubai. I have even started shopping for my fall winter collections. Shopping has become even more exciting during Ramadan , as shops work longer hours. Additionally, ‘Eid in Dubai’, which will be soon followed by Dubai Summer Surprises has contributed to more offers in the retail sector.”

Shady Fekry, Egypt

“I wait for the best offers during Ramadan impatiently so I can buy the clothes I have been waiting for. I think H&M has a good selection of shirts for men and heavy reductions which make it even more enjoyable to shop. There are also some very good offers and discounts on cars if you are planning to buy a new one.”


Sanaa Khadir, Morocco

“Despite the fact that I do not shop much during Ramadan, I notice some really good offers. Additionally, a lot of restaurants have wonderful buffet offers which allow us to try a variety of cuisines at reasonable prices. Hence I end up eating out a lot with my friends. I notice that people shop for food, but toward the end start buying perfumes and jewellery.”


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