May, 2024

D&S Teams Up with Trina Solar: Boosting Solar Adoption in East Africa

Dubai: Davis & Shirtliff, a key player in providing water and energy solutions in East Africa, has teamed up with Trina Solar, a top-tier global leader in photovoltaic (PV) modules and smart energy solutions. Their goal? To spread the use of solar power across East Africa.

In this exciting collaboration, Davis & Shirtliff (D&S) will be getting Trina Solar’s innovative and dependable PV solar panels out to folks all over the region. Ash Pirzadeh, Regional Director for East Africa at Trina Solar, was right there at the event, representing this dynamic partnership. Their mission? To move towards energy systems that put sustainability, energy security, and economic growth front and center in East Africa.

D&S and Trina Solar are planning to make solar power more appealing and accessible through education campaigns highlighting its perks. They’ll also offer financing options and stick around for after-sales support and maintenance to keep those solar setups running smoothly.

Henry Davis, Supply Director at Davis & Shirtliff, shared, “By offering financing options and diversifying our product range, we aim to make solar solutions more accessible and attractive to a wider audience. Additionally, collaborations with government and non-profit entities will enable large-scale solar projects, while community engagement will ensure that solutions are tailored to local needs, fostering sustainable solar adoption across East Africa,”

Together, Davis & Shirtliff and Trina Solar are set to make a big splash in making solar products more available across East Africa, contributing to better energy access, economic growth, and environmental health in the region.

Zhao Lei, Head of Middle East & Africa at Trina Solar, emphasized the versatility and scalability of their solar modules, highlighting their many applications from powering homes and businesses to running mini-grids, water pumps, and streetlights. This versatility, he notes, is crucial for sustainability, energy security, and fighting climate change.

In Kenya, solar energy is playing a pivotal role in the country’s energy makeover. The country’s push towards cleaner, renewable energy is fueled by advancements in solar technology, which promise a more resilient, efficient, and eco-friendly energy future. With more and more people looking for sustainable and reliable energy solutions, solar products are seeing a surge in demand, especially in rural and peri-urban areas where traditional grid systems are shaky or nonexistent.

The World Bank’s latest Kenya Economic Update shows that by 2023, around 500,000 rural households were already using solar home systems, with Kenya selling between 25,000 and 30,000 solar panels annually.

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