June, 2024

Discover AlUla: Stay at the World’s First Earth-Built Hotel

AlUla, Saudi Arabia: Experience unparalleled cultural immersion at Dar Tantora The House Hotel, the world’s first earth-built boutique eco-community, now open for bookings in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. This extraordinary 30-room property, operated by Kerten Hospitality and designed by acclaimed Egyptian architect Shahira Fahmy, sits in the heart of AlUla’s Old Town—a labyrinth of 12th-century mud and stone brick buildings surrounding a 10th-century fort.

A Blend of History and Luxury

Dar Tantora is constructed with the same traditional materials and techniques as the 900 surviving houses in AlUla Old Town, reimagining historic homes into luxurious accommodations. The hotel features 30 earth-clad rooms and suites, an infinity pool, a gym, a yoga and meditation studio, a spa, and a restaurant. Emphasizing sustainability, the property uses traditional lighting, restored original irrigation and ventilation systems, minimizing energy usage and environmental impact.

Architectural Mastery

Shahira Fahmy, recognized by Phaidon and RIBA, collaborated with local craftsmen to restore the original mud brick walls, stonework, windows, and murals. These murals, traditionally painted by the community as wedding gifts, depict local flora, fauna, and cultural motifs. Fahmy’s team used authentic natural pigments to restore these artistic expressions, preserving the heritage of AlUla.

Culinary Excellence

At JOONTOS, the hotel’s signature restaurant, local ingredients are sourced from AlUla’s farmers, embracing a zero-waste philosophy. The surrounding oasis provides citrus, dates, mangoes, pomegranates, and root vegetables, integrating local produce into the culinary offerings.

A Cultural Hub

Dar Tantora’s name and layout are inspired by the traditional Tantora sundial, a timekeeper for AlUla Old Town. The hotel’s design reflects the agrarian seasons and temperature regulation, with duplex rooms featuring upstairs bedrooms and downstairs living areas, optimized for stunning views of the oasis and surrounding landscape.

A Gateway to AlUla

Located within walking distance of the Incense Road Market, AlJadidah Arts District, and the Oasis, the hotel is ideal for exploring AlUla on foot. Nearby, boutique shops sell locally-made souvenirs, while restaurants like Tawlat Fayza and Suhail offer local and international cuisine.

Exploring AlUla

Guests can book tours with AlUla’s ‘Rawis’ (local guides) to explore heritage sites like Hegra, Dadan, and Jabal Ikmah. AlUla’s event calendar includes the Winter at Tantora Festival, AlUla Arts Festival, Azimuth music event, AlUla Skies Festival, AlUla Wellness Festival, and Ancient Kingdoms Festival, ensuring a vibrant cultural experience year-round.

Dar Tantora The House Hotel not only offers luxurious accommodations but also a unique opportunity to delve into the rich cultural heritage of AlUla, making it a must-visit destination for discerning travelers. Book your stay now to experience the magic of this historic oasis.

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