July, 2024

Dexter’s Laboratory Interactive Science Show steps up the excitement this DSS

DUBAI- Little geeks from around the world can look forward to the Dexter’s Laboratory Interactive Science Show where Dexter, the eight-year old genius and his destructive sister Dee Dee are inviting them to an exciting laboratory, where they will together create the ultimate formula for non-stop summer fun in Dubai.

Dexter Laboratory 19Dexter Laboratory 19Dexter Laboratory 19Dexter Laboratory 1927-dexterOne of the exciting events of the 17th edition of DSS, the interactive show will be held at Dubai Festival City Mall from 13 to 20 August each day from 4 to 10pm – promising six hours of action-packed entertainment, with 20 kids from the audience to team up with Dexter and Dee Dee during each show.

The show will commence when the duo takes to the stage along with the Lab Manager who will explain to the kids that Dexter and Dee Dee have just had an argument about magic. While the smarty-pants Dexter swears by the laws and theories of science, Dee Dee believes in the power of magic – leading the two to challenge each other’s claims. 

In a comical attempt to end the fight between the two siblings, the Lab Manager invites young scientists from the audience to run some experiments of their own in Dexter’s secret laboratory. As the kids begin the investigation, they will discover awe-inspiring results that are sure to leave them mesmerized. Throughout the tests and trials, they will also explore many science tricks and participate in fun games together.

Following the experiments, kids will also have the opportunity to pose with Dexter and Dee Dee and take home exciting goody bags and prizes during an interactive session.

The 17th edition of DSS will run until 5 September this year, under the theme, “The Fun Side of Summer.”



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