December 11, 2023

Completion rate of Dubai Tram hits 93%: Al Tayer

وخلال تفقده لمشروع الترامDUBAI-H.E Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), announced that completion rate in the entire works of the Dubai Tram project has now hit 93%. He further revealed that the completion rate of the Tram’s Depot has exceeded 92% and expected all works in this maintenance and storage facility to be completed next August, adding that the completion rate in the Tram’s stations is currently hovering around 91%.

Al Tayer made this statement during a site tour of the project that included the depot, stations and footbridges during which he was accompanied by Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, Acting CEO of Rail Agency and a host of directors and engineers from the Rail Agency and the project contractor. During the tour, Al Tayer inspected the work progress in various sites of the project, particularly bridges, stations and completion rates in various components of the project which is progressing according to the approved time chart that sets next November as a cutoff date for the project completion.

Al Tayer inspected the Depot which comprises 11 environment-friendly buildings, and has a capacity to accommodate 25 trains. The facility includes a control center for the rail operations which verifies the safety of doors, brakes and motors of each train in addition to air-conditioners along with other sophisticated ancillary electronic systems, maintenance workshops and washing & cleaning workshops.

Al Tayer also inspected work progress in the 11 tram stations spanning activity centers and population density areas along the tramway where he inspected the final finishing works and the automated door technology used in passenger platforms which are synchronized with the opening & closing mechanism of the tram’s doors. The system, which is considered the first of its kind in trams worldwide, provides highly convenient, safe and secure environment for passengers, and maintains the efficiency of the air-conditioning system of the interiors of stations and coaches by protecting it from the impact of external climatic conditions. He also inspected the four footbridges associated with the project which are covered, air-conditioned and fitted with lifts and escalators. These bridges boast of an urban design theme consistent with the design of the tram carriages and stations as well as the residential units in the neighborhood, besides offering high-level convenience to users through the installation of lifts and slipways that meet the needs of the disabled and elderly.

الطاير خلال تفقده سير العمل في مرآب ترام دبيAl Tayer also inspected the progress in road works in the vicinity of the Tram project as well as pedestrian crossings, and the rail separating the tram from pedestrians throughout the tramway. He directed officials to attach paramount attention to the traffic safety aspect, particularly the management of the overlapping traffic movement of vehicles and the tram in order to explain the security aspects to all road users, be it pedestrians, tram riders or motorists.

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