December 11, 2023

China refutes US counter-terrorism reports

BEIJING– China expressed dissatisfaction with the China-related content in country reports on terrorism freshly issued by the US State Department. 
In response to relevant content alleging China’s cooperation in 2013 with the United States on counter-terrorism issues “remained marginal,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said China always attaches great importance to international cooperation in the fight against terrorism, state-run news agency (Xinhua) reported. 

qna_ChineseGov352014“China falls victim of terrorism, and always firmly opposes terrorism in any form and terrorist acts conducted or backed by any person under any name,” said Qin. 

China always fights against terrorism in accordance with law while paying attention to eliminating both the symptoms and root causes of terrorism, he said, adding that China is opposed to linking terrorism to specific ethnic groups or religions. 

“Terrorism is the common enemy of mankind, and the international community should make concerted efforts to fight against it,” he said, noting China will continue to conduct exchanges and cooperation with other countries based on the principle of mutual respect and equality. 
“On anti-terrorism issue, to make irresponsible remarks towards other countries and pursue double standards will not help international cooperation on counter-terrorism,” he said. 

On April 30, the US State Department submitted Country Reports on Terrorism 2013 to the US Congress.-QNA

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