July, 2024

Chalet N: an AlpineWinter Wonderland comes to life in the summer

Chalet N in glamorous Oberlech, Austria is an exclusive luxury chalet set in a breathtaking landscape in the heart of the Alps. With eight royal suites, a lavishly equipped spa and wellness area, a private cinema and a team of over 20 staff, this impressive chalet enchants guests with charming alpine architecture & design, inimitable comfort, extraordinarily culinary delights, and pampering with personalized service which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Chalet N proves that luxury knows no bounds.

a9e7c9082b9bcabf_orgThe extensive Arlberg region makes a visit during the winter, when snow is absolutely guaranteed, a real spectacle. The fresh Arlberg summer on the other hand,offers a completely different experience, with its inexhaustible range of hiking and mountain trails, endless possibilities for hikers, mountain bikers and other fans of high altitude sport. It is impossible to quantify the strength and energy to be gained from a visit to the peace and quiet of Chalet N in the summer months.

The senses filled by the fragrance of fresh greenery and blooming meadows, and the spirits sent soaring by the views of the mountain panorama, far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Every walk in the mountains around Chalet N is immeasurably valuable for both body and soul. Here one can learn to be patient while keeping watch for eagles and mountain goats. And there is one thing that you are certain to find: yourself.

With prices starting from US$ 370,000 for a week’s rental, and helicopter transportation on offer, Chalet N is an A-list destination, for those wishing to regenerate and above all, indulge with family and friends. The chalet is a 1.5 hour drive from Zurich airport, Switzerland, and a 2.5 hour drive from Munich, Germany.

Suites & Spaces

The beauty which results from the right mix of high-class interior design and traditional alpine style becomes clear to guests the moment they enter their own personal refuge. The generous suites in Chalet N combine the special materials of the region with state-of-the-art fixtures and technology and this combination, together with the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, creates such an impressive spatial experience that guests will never want to leave.

Spa & Wellness

The quickest escape from the rigours of daily life is offered by Chalet N’s generous spa and wellness area. Here, one can cast off stress and devote oneself to relaxation and wellbeing with various spa treatments carried out by professional therapists, or enjoy time in the hay sauna, Finnish sauna or salt-cave steam bath, followed by a perfect doze in one of the comfortable quiet rooms. And those who want to immerse themselves fully will immediately feel quite at home in the wonderful pool area with its outdoor whirlpool. The beauty area and the modern fitness room complete the chalet’s wellness facilities and ensure that guests are fully relaxed.

Gourmet & Good Taste

Chalet N fully celebrates the creature comforts. The team of chefs will use all their culinary skills to spoil you in the restaurant and freshly prepare menus tailor-created to suit individual tastes, whether it be international delicacies or local traditional dishes. The Walser Stüberl caters for fondue fans and specialities from the grill are served outside. The butler service ensures that you can enjoy exactly what you fancy anywhere in the chalet.

Excitement & Relaxation

Chalet N’s cellar contains a true gem for sommeliers and wine lovers. The expertly stocked cellar is notable not only for its selection of the finest wines but also for an interior design which transforms every visit into a true experience. Movie enthusiasts can enjoy both classics and new releases in the stylish home cinema.

Service & Comfort

Chalet N’s guests can look forward to every imaginable comfort. These range from a state of the art security system, your own personal butler who offers you up-to-the-minute advice,takes your reservations and ensures that your personal award-winning chef fulfills your special menu requirements to the use of a fully equipped office. And of course a perfectly organised car and helicopter chauffeur service.

Winter & Delights

Snow-covered mountainsides, starlit nights and cozy evenings by a roaring fire: if this is what comes to mind when you think about the colder months then a visit to Chalet N is for you. Here you can experience winter at its most beautiful. An Eldorado for skiers with guaranteed snow begins at the very door of Chalet N and 300 kilometres of perfectly prepared pistes and a number of breathtaking descents leave no wish unanswered. And what better place is there to relax and bring a perfect winter’s day to a close than in front of an open fire?

Traditional & Modern

This small castle in Oberlech has long been the key to a very special time on the Arlberg. For centuries it was a place of protection and escape from the imposing power of the surrounding peaks. And, at the same time, it was a place of relaxation, peace and pleasure. In more recent times the castle was upgraded into a chalet and this, as Chalet N, has now been further upgraded to well above the standard of a five-star resort. Get a sense of the special synergy between real tradition and exceptional luxury, and experience a moment which you will look back upon forever. 


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