December 3, 2023

Calligraphy art sales in Abu Dhabi to benefit Bosnians affected by floods

ABU DHABI-An exhibition of calligraphy paintings by Bosnian artist Mirsad Smajovic is on show in the capital this week, with some of the proceeds to be sent to flood-stricken Bosnia, reported a local newspaper.

Mirsad Smajovic
Mirsad Smajovic

The exhibition at The Galleria, on Al Maryah Island, is being run in conjunction with the Bosnian embassy, which will prioritise the charities that most urgently require the aid. Thirty per cent of the funds raised will be donated to approved charities, said The National.

“After this catastrophe, we need help and we have been in contact with many of the big business people to get their support,” said Satko Bitanga, an embassy counsellor and one of the aid organisers.

Mr Smajovic had not been to U.A.E. until this week, and said he hoped the exhibition would help raise awareness about the plight of the Bosnian people.

“I want to be able to go home and know I’ve been doing my part to help my country, however much or little we raise.” The paintings range in price from AED5,000 to AED10,000.

Although Mr Smajovic’s family has not been directly affected, his home is just 10 kilometres from one of the flood-stricken regions. “It’s very good to have the exhibition here and help raise awareness of what’s happening.” Mr Smajovic hopes the calligraphy paintings will appeal to the Emirati audience. “It s very popular here, so I hope the art will be popular too,” he said.-WAM

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