February 22, 2024

BIC offers thrice the thrills in Track Xperience

Track Xperience 1BIC, Sakhir – Motorsport fans are being invited to take part in one of the most exciting events on offer at Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), when the widely popular Track Xperience takes place this Saturday (May 24) at “The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East” in Sakhir.

Track Xperience offers thrice as many thrills as other circuit activities. Those taking part will get a chance to enjoy the adrenaline rush of racing in some the world’s most powerful cars, including a Mitsubishi Evolution X, a Hyundai Genesis 2.0T and a Caterham G7.

The activity kicks off with the participant enjoying a passenger ride in a 291bhp Evo X while a highly qualified BIC instructor powers around the track for three exhilarating laps.

Participants will then get a chance to personally take on the circuit themselves and drive a 210bhp Genesis for another three stunning laps.

Finally, they will move on to get behind the wheel of a 160bhp Caterham for another five laps, completing one of the most unique motoring experiences available anywhere in the world.

The whole activity stretches across 11 exciting laps and nearly two hours of high-adrenaline action.

Track Xperience will held over two sessions on Saturday, starting with the first at 8.45am. The second follows at 11.15am. Those interested in taking part are advised to call the BIC Hotline as soon as possible to make a booking in advance or check for availability.

All participants are required to own a valid driving licence that has been issued for at least a year. It must be presented to officials during registration. Participants must also follow a strict dress code prohibiting them from wearing shorts or open-toed footwear during the activity. Helmets will be provided on site and must be worn at all times throughout the Track Xperience.

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