June, 2024

Bawadi Mall to celebrate Eid al Fitr with spectacular folklore shows from 6 countries

AL AIN-  Bawadi Mall, the largest in Al Ain city, is set to launch ‘Around the World’ campaign to celebrate Eid al Fitr, marked by spectacular folklore performances for 40 days. The campaign will kick off on 28 July, and will feature seven performances by each of the dance groups from 6 countries.

The campaign starts off with the Macedonia group performing until August 3, and will then be followed by troupes from Indonesia, Mongolia, Georgia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

“This period of the year represents peak visitor turBawadiMallnout at Bawadi Mall,” says Bassam Saleh, Marketing Manager, Bawadi Mall, “We have decided to make it unique this year by unleashing more entertainment options. We have allocated the Main Atrium to stage one show daily at 6:15 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:50 pm, and 9:40 pm.

“As far as footfall is concerned, we have seen an increased number of visitors since the start of the summer period, and we expect further growth in the days to come,” Saleh added.

Since inception in 2009, Bawadi Mall has been implementing a strategy of ‘edutainment’ to complete the unique shopping experience it offers for Al Ain tourists and residents. Moreover, it is considered one of the main destinations in the city and attracts visitors from neighboring areas like Oman.

“We registered our highest footfall in the month of August last year. That is why we had scheduled 4 out of the 6 shows for August this year. We will continue to support the tourism sector in Al Ain through all means possible, so as to bring back benefit to us and the community in general,” Saleh said.

According to Saleh, Bawadi Mall gives importance to folklore shows because they fit in the visitor demographics, and appeal to culture lovers and youth. He believes that it is an added value to the service and variety of options offered at the mall.

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