April, 2024

Autism Trust Foundation reveals its new brand and upcoming initiatives for UAE

autiDUBAI-  As part of its agenda to increase Autism awareness within the UAE, the Autism Trust Foundation (ATF) has announced its new brand and upcoming awareness programs at a press conference held yesterday at the Tamani Marina Hotel and Hotel Apartments, Dubai Marina.

The conference has witnessed a keynote address made by H. E. Fahed Bin Al Sheikh, Deputy Chairman of the Autism Trust Foundation, who took the stage and detail The Foundation’s forthcoming initiatives aimed at spreading awareness, reiterating incumbent mission and vision parameters, and the overall integration of its elements within the new branding scheme.

The Event has also introduced the upcoming initiatives of the foundation such as ‘ATF Unity Cards’ that will provide a wide variety of discounts at participating outlets, the ‘Live and Play In My World’ program that will invite children diagnosed with autism from around the world to submit their paintings for a chance to win great prizes, and also a chance for those pursuing autism-related vocational courses from leading universities in the UAE to have their tuition fees paid by the Foundation.

H.E Fahed Bin Al Sheikh, Deputy Chairman of ATF, said “In line with our nation’s benevolent values, the Autism Trust Foundation aspires to be one of the leading philanthropic initiatives of the region, with the UAE chapter as the starting point of its grand ambition in the Middle East. Our impetus will be to inspire our resident populations to choose awareness over ignorance, thereby empowering children with Autism to blend into society and contribute in their area of interest.”

The press conference event was sponsored by Tamani Marina Hotel and Hotel Apartments, as part of their Corporate Social responsibility initiatives within the nation.

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