May, 2024

Author Rania Zbib Daher Brings a Song of Hope and Happiness to Children at SIBF17

SHARJAH -In a world where people resort to war in order to find peace, where innocent lives are lost in the crossfires between right and wrong, and the disillusionment of building a stable future on the foundations of plunder and destruction seems very real, the only hope for a better tomorrow lies with the future generations.

In these pictures we see the award-winning writer from Lebanon, Rania Zbib Daher, at the at the pavilion of the Sharjah-based publisher, Kalimat Group, at the Sharjah International Book Fair 2017 (SIBF 2017), who has a young audience rapt in attention listening to her reading out from her book The Sound of the Sea published by Kalimat.

Through her book, the author introduces children to the serious issues of forced displacement, war, crises and their far-reaching effects on people in a tale whose protagonist, Leen – a girl around the same age as the young listeners of the story – fills her costal town with hope and happiness through her songs that are sourced from the waves of the sea.

The book’s message underscores that we must join hands and bring happiness to children worldwide was beautifully delivered at this story telling session.


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