April, 2024

Silver Screen to Political Arena? Akshay Kumar’s Indian Citizenship Sparks Speculation of BJP Candidacy in Upcoming Elections

By Mohan Verma

MUMBAI – A fascinating revelation has emerged following Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s recent announcement about his Indian citizenship. An anonymous, well-informed political analyst based in India has divulged to Gulf Daily Mail that Akshay Kumar appears to be gearing up for a role as a potential BJP candidate in the upcoming year’s election.

Akshay Kumar, who has often been scrutinized for his Canadian citizenship, astounded the nation on India’s Independence Day by revealing his official Indian citizenship status. His decision has sparked discussions about his potential entry into the political arena.

The actor substantiated his new citizenship on Twitter by sharing a snapshot of his official government documents, effectively dispelling past uncertainties. This announcement holds particular significance as it could potentially remove the hindrance that his Canadian citizenship posed to his political aspirations. The ruling BJP, which had previously encountered obstacles in considering him as a candidate due to this dual citizenship, now finds a smoother path to nominate him.

In a well-timed move, Akshay Kumar also took to social media to provide a visual affirmation of his newly acquired Indian citizenship. His post, captioned “Dil aur citizenship, dono Hindustani. Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind,” was met with jubilation from his fans. The actor, who had previously faced criticism for his Canadian citizenship on social media, now enjoys renewed support for his decision to embrace Indian citizenship wholeheartedly.

Akshay Kumar’s career trajectory led him to Canada during his initial years, seeking opportunities as his films faced challenges in gaining traction in India. He later revealed that a friend’s suggestion prompted him to relocate to Canada until success could be achieved on Indian soil.

Having acquired Canadian citizenship during this phase, Akshay Kumar’s fortunes soon turned, leading to a revival of his professional standing. Ultimately, his commitment to India prevailed, prompting his return to the country.

The actor’s Canadian citizenship had triggered controversies, with questions raised about his allegiance and contributions to India. Addressing this, Akshay Kumar issued a statement in 2019 through his official Twitter account, asserting that he had always been forthright about holding a Canadian passport. He clarified that he had not visited Canada in seven years and that he was committed to contributing to India’s growth.

As speculation swirls around his potential political journey, Akshay Kumar’s transformation from a prominent Bollywood figure to a prospective BJP candidate marks a noteworthy and intriguing development on the Indian political landscape.

Akshay Kumar Indian Citizenship

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