June, 2024

Abu Dhabi Family Forum highlights role of family as strategic partner in achieving sustainable development

Abu Dhabi: (WAM) — The Fourth Abu Dhabi Family Forum, held under the theme ‘Cohesive Family, Sustainable Community’ focused on key pillars of Sustainable Family, Business Leadership, Children of the Future, and Emirati Heritage, witnessed remarkable participation in diverse workshops held in partnership with various entities.

The ‘Sustainable Family Station’ hosted six workshops, including ‘Digital Parenting’ organised by the Khalifa Empowerment Programme, ‘Bridges of Hope’ held in collaboration with the Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, ‘Generations Journey’ by the Authority of Social Contribution, ‘Strength Your Muscles and Get Rid of Sagging’ by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and ‘Balance Between Work and Life’ by the Sanad Al-Watan Women’s Society.

In addition, the outdoor events at the station, including the Family Theater, Family Kitchen and Aqdar Cultural Salon, as well as entertaining competitions and prizes, gained the attention of visitors to the forum of different age groups.

Sanaa Youssef Al Dhaen, Head of General Service at FDF and Head of the Sustainable Families Station, said, “Under the theme Cohesive Family, Sustainable Community, the Fourth Abu Dhabi Family Forum 2023 highlights the significance of the family as a strategic partner that can help achieve broad sustainable development objectives.

The purpose of the forum is to acquaint families with plans for sustainable social development in the upcoming phase. It also includes current and upcoming social services, with an emphasis on digital and smart services.

In addition to enhancing the quality of life and the family’s capacity to preserve its cohesiveness, solidarity, and unity, these services guarantee a prompt and effective response to families in a variety of circumstances. They also help prevent, protect, and intervene appropriately.”

Al Dhaen also noted that the Sustainable Families Station hosts several activities including digital parenting, the Bridges of Hope programme, traffic safety, home gardening, sustainability tips, diverse workshops and various sports activities along with several lucky draws, prizes and surprises for visitors.

The key goal is to promote the national spirit, spread happiness among family members, support talented youth and raise awareness among community members interactively. This is done in cooperation with several strategic partners.

The Fourth Abu Dhabi Family Forum 2023, organised by FDF under the umbrella of the Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Programme for Excellence and Community Intelligence goal is to give families engaging developmental experiences in a social setting that blends enjoyment, learning, and skill application.

The forum consists of a number of integrated participatory activities with different service providers, fostering a sense of challenge and camaraderie among community members, fortifying ties between families and the community, and fostering confidence in service organisations.

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