September 20, 2023

88 school meals to grow a better tomorrow

DUBAI- Here’s one charitable act to do this Ramadan that can be the seed to give many lives a chance for a brighter future.

Image 2Maria Cristina Foundation (MCF), which helps educate slum children in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a way to free them from poverty, is calling for donations for their ‘Feed the Future’ campaign, an initiative that aims to raise funds to feed 88 primary school children for one year.  The campaign targets to collect total donations of AED 30,712 (US$ 8,368) to cover the cost of a year’s school meals for the underprivileged children.The cost to sponsor a single child’s school meal for a full year is AED349 (US$ 95).

Providing food support to the community under its care is one of the efforts of the Foundation, and school feeding, being an essential tool for the growth of the school children, is given primary importance. 

Maria Conceicao with some of the primary school kids cared for by the Foundation
Maria Conceicao with some of the primary school kids cared for by the Foundation

“These children come from extreme poverty. For the last nine years, we are trying to empower them to break out of poverty through education, however, although they are so happy to be at school in their nice new uniforms, they are still not eating properly and many suffer malnutrition. Nourishment is key for these children to stay active, ready to learn and perform well in the class. If you can help us provide a daily meal to children, you will not only help keep them in school, but you will help them as well to grow and thrive outside the classroom,” Maria Conceicao, founder of MCF, explained.

Maria added, “Feed the Future is literally planting the seeds for a better tomorrow.  Imagine how wonderful it would be that the benefits of the charitable act you do this Ramadan last well into the future. The greater good is, you are not only giving to benefit one life, but rather, you are changing the lives of so many just because you helped one child stay in school!”

To donate to Feed the Future, click on the link:

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