June, 2024

UAE consolidates its position as the Middle East’s business hub

DUBAI– With the historical win of the World Expo 2020 bid in recent times by Dubai followed by the anticipated economic activity worth billions of dirhams and over 270,000 jobs, UAE has gained the reputation of being a competitive and significant player in world business.

BR Communications FZE, a marketing consultancy in UAE, acknowledges that while the UAE has always been an attractive tax-free haven for the expatriate community to work and establish businesses, this trend can be expected to grow to new heights with the advancements in infrastructure and business opportunities.

Bahaa Fatairy
Bahaa Fatairy

“With the stability the UAE has to offer in a progressively volatile Middle East, it has become increasingly popular with people in the Arab region to invest their resources in the UAE in an effort to consolidate their careers and businesses,” said Bahaa Fatairy, Managing Director, BR Communications FZE. “This has proven to be a safe and wise strategy even during times of the recent recession when most other countries incurred a decline in growth.”

According to a recent Employment Monitor study conducted by the global recruitment agency Morgan McKinley, there has been a 21% quarterly increase in job vacancies compared to the previous year. This marks an increased demand for fresh graduates and professionals across the world, especially with the knowledge of the UAE having one of the highest salaries in the region.

UAE has also received the attention of multinational corporations who have recognized its strategic geographical position between East and West especially when conducting trade with the African continent. This has been facilitated with state of the art transport and logistics facilities making the UAE an ideal base for operations.

Bahaa Fatairy added, “While we can expect great investment from the expatriate community and multinational corporations, we cannot forget the importance of having a strong Emirati workforce to drive growth, which the government is taking serious steps to ensure. There are official plans in place to have a tenfold increase in the Emiratisation of the workforce by 2021 which will ensure a bright future for the local population.”

Having established itself globally for its wide range of leisure activities and luxury offerings, UAE has come to be known as a safe, family-friendly tourist destination ideally suited to balance work and family life.

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