March 16, 2023

UN says climate change poses growing health threat 

GENEVA-Climate change poses a growing health threat, the United Nations warned on Wednesday(August 27th), saying extreme weather and rising global temperatures could kill hundreds of thousands of people and spread disease.

climate-change“Climate change is no longer only an environmental issue,” World Health Organization (WHO) climate-change chief Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum said in Geneva.

The U.N. health agency on Wednesday started a three-day conference combining climate and health issues with the goal of emphasizing health at a special U.N. climate summit in New York City in late September.

“If we don’t act to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, we’ll be living on a planet which is basically in many important respects unsuitable, in many locations, for health,” Campbell-Lendrum told reporters.

Climate change affects health-linked resources such as clean air, safe drinking water, food, and shelter. Warmer temperature and altered rainfall patterns also may extend the range of mosquitoes that spread deadly diseases.-SPA

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