June, 2024

SPEED-FIT launches unique fitness system in Dubai

Speed-FitDUBAI- Upscale fitness and high-performance lifestyle leader, SPEED-FIT have launched their pioneering system of intense body workouts using electromyostimulation (EMS) therapy, at their first UAE branch at Dubai’s upmarket Sunset Mall in Jumeirah. 

SPEED-FIT’s unique electromyostimulation training system makes it possible for users to effectively achieve their strength and fitness goals with just two 15-minute workout sessions per week. Using the principle of electrically stimulating muscles to contract repeatedly for quick and effective results, SPEED-FIT offers their patrons maximum results in minimum time.

Following their success in Germany, where they operate three gyms (are the biggest specialized clubs in Europe), SPEED-FIT is targeting Dubai for their first global foray, thanks to the city’s growing profile as a leading multi-cultural business and leisure destination.

Mariam Mohammed Saeed Hareb
Mariam Mohammed Saeed Hareb

“SPEED-FIT’s offering is unique in the global fitness market because of the immense benefits we offer the many health and wellness enthusiasts who are extremely pushed for time in today’s hectic 24/7 world,” said Mariam Mohammed Saeed Hareb, CEO of SPEED-FIT UAE. “We are pleased to bring our Dubai customers this highly effective and efficient system that fits right in with their modern lifestyles.”

Mariam has benefited from using SPEED-FIT herself. “I tried the concept in Germany during my University years. Initially I didn’t believe that I could transform my body through just 15 minutes of training twice a week, but it did! That is why I made up my mind to bring this revolutionary new training concept to my home country!”

SPEED-FIT has customisable fitness regimens and solutions for users with varying goals and needs. Backed by years of German research and technology, SPEED-FIT is able to deliver efficient solutions for a variety of customer needs. They offer programmes for a variety of customer goals including: strength-building, body-shaping, bodybuilding, both targeted and overall weight loss, and recuperative needs.

EMS allows for targeted muscles to be worked intensely through electric pulses over a very short period of time, with the added benefit of not putting too much stress on the joints as in a conventional workout using weights or resistance. This system has had proven results in strength and rehabilitation training among international sports persons and also emerged as a viable alternative to intense workouts for bodybuilders and strength trainers.

SPEED-FIT offers potential customers an initial evaluation and a trial training session to familiarise themselves with the novel system. Qualified trainers will personally mentor and guide each user to best achieve their strength and fitness goals.

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