November 27, 2023

Siemens brings innovative ‘iSensoric’ technology to customers in UAE

DUBAI– Siemens presents its ground-breaking innovation ‘iSensoric’ technology to its customers in the UAE. The iSensoric washing machines can now tailor and control every step of the washing process to meet the demanding laundry care needs of consumers who live an active lifestyle, thanks to intelligent sensor technology.

A2iSensoric’s patented sensors automatically detects, measures, calculates the amount of detergent, water and energy to use, and calibrates the machine to balance out water pockets inside the drum too, thus protecting fabrics.

“With this new intelligent sensor technology, Siemens offers intuitive, innovative, simple and perfect laundry at the touch of a button. Our valued UAE customers can now experience high quality and scientific laundry care with Siemens iSensoric washing machines,” said Georg Kazantzidis, Director Marketing & Business Development, Siemens Home Appliances.

iSensoric uses various patented features that interact with intelligent software controlled electronics and sensors, enabling the iQ series to provide the best possible performance.

The ‘i-Dos’ available in the iQ700 models works by determining the exact amount of detergent and softener need to the nearest milliliter,while taking into account factors such as kind of fabric and load, the degree of soiling, etc.. The ‘autoStain removal system’ also available in the iQ700 seriesuses a specific combination of rotating speed, temperature and amount of water to effectively remove up to 16 types of stains automatically. The ‘varioPerfect’ options available across the range of washing machines decrease the washing machine’s cycle time by up to 65%, or save energy by up to 50% by lengthening the cycle.

With the waterPerfect feature in the entire range the exact amount of water in relation to the load volume is monitored by the flow sensor and the load sensor plus, to use only the optimum amount. The temperature sensor controls the high level of heat and avoids damage.

Siemens is committed to developing high-quality home appliances with the most innovative and advanced technology. The iSensoric feature is available in Siemens entire range of washing machines.

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