April, 2024

Sharjah Ladies Club presents activity schedule for summer holidays and Ramadan

SHARJAH- Sharjah Ladies Club has announced a number of Summer and Ramadan Camps and Activities that target children with the aim to nurturing their talents, developing their physical and mental skills, and keeping them occupied and entertained during the summer holiday.

The activities include three summer camps, the first of which – Mushmis (Sunny Camp) will be for boys aged 5-13, the second – Ishraqa (Shining Camp) will be for girls aged 14-17, and the third – Ramadan Camp will be for boys and girls aged 5-7.

 Sara Al Marzouqi
Sara Al Marzouqi

Sara Al Marzouqi, Manager of Collage Talent Centre at Sharjah Ladies Club, said that the summer camps organised by Sharjah Ladies Club help keep children occupied and amused and enable them to relax and make the best of their time during the summer holidays and the holy month of Ramadan. They can hone their skills and talents as well as network with their peers who share them the same interests.

Al Marzouqi added: “These camps help children progress and develop their physical and mental abilities, increase their self confidence and communication skills, and learn the behavioural skills they need in their communication with their parents, peers, and friends. The camps’ programmes and activities are developed year on year according to parents’ feedback in order to cater to the needs and interests of children and ensure achieve the optimal entertainment and educational results for the children.”

Summer camps organized by the SLC
Summer camps organized by the SLC

Sunny Summer Camp will be organised from 3rd to 28th of August and will be restricted to girls aged 5-13 and boys aged 5-9. The camp will include an array of art, cultural, sporting, and music activities that fit the targeted age group, help develop their skills, and offer an experience rich in fun, function, and value during the summer holidays. Leisure activities include physical fitness exercises, swimming, football, and skiing. The creative workshops will focus on cooking, culinary skills, accessory making, and illustration, while the weekly tours will cover a number of educational and recreational places – ideal for those who love discovery and adventure.

Shining Camp for young girls will commence at the same time in August and will have a line-up of leisure, functional and cognitive activities such as cooking, skiing, embroidery, sewing, and charcoal sketching and shading.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Sharjah Ladies Club will also organise a special camp with a spectrum of sporting, cultural and spiritual activities such as Holy Quran reciting, biography of Prophet Muhammad reading, Hadith and stories of prophets reading sessions. The camp will be held in the mornings throughout the Holy Month.  

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