May, 2024

Satcom Direct enhances its Flight Tracker service

EBACE– The improved SD Flight Tracker now has integrated position reports generated by SwiftBroadband and features richer mapping capability using Google Maps.

Satcom Direct’s Flight Tracker is a state-of-the-art global mapping solution that graphically displays precise fleet coordinates. Its ability to track aircraft globally has been enhanced with an additional source of position data.

Satcom Direct has exclusive access to this data from Inmarsat and blends it with position data received from other sources including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), NavCanada  and Satcom Direct’s own FlightDeck Freedom datalink to provide the most comprehensive flight tracking service available.

“SwiftBroadband is updated every two minutes as compared to other sources. For some aircraft, this may be their only reliable source of position data. It allows our customers to track their aircraft worldwide and ensure they know its status at all times,” said Scott Hamilton, Satcom Direct chief strategy officer. “SwiftBroadband position reports are available globally whereas some sources, including the FAA and NavCanada, are only available regionally.”

SD Flight Tracker also has been upgraded to use Google Maps which provides advanced mapping capabilities including street level maps which are useful for helicopter tracking. The SD Flight Tracker enhancements provide for a fast and intuitive user interface, and it can now be accessed on any mobile device. Previously, it was only available on PCs.

SD Flight Tracker’s advanced mapping technology is the only solution to provide network overlays, planned and actual flight routes, and aircraft satcom status to provide complete situational awareness for dispatchers and maintenance personnel.

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