June, 2024

Salwa Zeidan Gallery to host solo exhibition for the greatest living poet of Arab world

dreamstime_pix2ABU DHABI-  Salwa Zeidan Gallery has officially announced that the opening of the solo exhibition for the famous poet and artist Adonis will be held on the 19thof May.

“We have received this amazing opportunity to host some of the newest works by Adonis and open the exhibition in his presence. We are confident that the show will be a wonderful experience for all art lovers.Some of his artworks were never displayed before in this format, so I believe this will put the exhibition in the cultural spotlight even more”, notices Salwa Zeidan, director of the gallery.

This gallery, that is now celebrating 20 years of existence, was proud to announce that the exhibition opening will be held in the presence of the artist.

Considered the Arab world’s greatest living poet, Adonis is primarily renowned as a poet and philosopher, having written numerous books and lectured Arab literature and culture at many prestigious universities such as Sorbonne and Princeton. Writing poetry for 70 years, he has won the most prestigious awards from all around the world, been named a commander of France’s Order of Arts, became the first Arab writer to win the Goethe prize in Germany and been nominated several times for the Nobel Prize in literature.

Adonis_Untitled_29_42.5__collage_on_paper_2007_The central role of this exhibition will be his newest work – Muallaqat, consisted of 10 calligraphy drawings of big format (150x50cm), where Adonis combines the poetics of text with the poetics of visual language, to create a world of intimate and wonderfully whimsical narratives. These Muallaqat are carrying names of the most influential Arab poets: Umroua Al Kais, Zuhair, Turfa, Hares Bin Halza, Amro Ibn Kultoom, Antara Bin Chaddad, Labeed, Obeid Ibn Al Abrass, Al Aasha and Al Nabegha. “His newest work, Muallaqat, will be on display for the first time, which will further contribute to the show’s exclusivity”, concludes Salwa Zeidan.

The exhibition will be on display until 15th of June.

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