September 28, 2023

Salalah Khareef Festival 2019 Boosts Tourist Arrivals to Dhofar Governorate

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Dubai: The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) revealed that there has been a significant increase in the number of tourists who flocked to Dhofar during this year’s Salalah Khareef Festival, significantly boosting its ongoing efforts to position the Sultanate on the global tourism landscape by promoting the country as a popular international tourist destination. According to the Ministry, tourist arrivals to the governorate reached 631,582 between June 20 and August 16, 2019. UAE nationals accounted for 7.6 per cent of the total number of tourist arrivals, while tourists from other GCC countries accounted for 9.2 per cent.

Saleh bin Ali Al Khaifi, Director of Promotion and Marketing department, Oman Ministry of Tourism, said: “The Dhofar Governorate is one of the leading and most preferred tourist destinations for visitors from the GCC countries. Its unique nature and cool weather make it a perfect summer destination, apart from many historical attractions and diverse recreational activities. The concerned entities in the Sultanate organize the Salalah Tourism Festival in the Khareef season to promote the most prominent tourist attractions in the province and create awareness about the most important events and activities offered by the Salalah Tourism Festival. We are keen to organize a series of promotional tours to promote exclusive offers and tourist activities that are specifically designed for visitors seeking to escape the sweltering summer heat experienced in various GCC countries, while also engaging in fun activities.”

Al Khaifi added that Salalah attracts a large number of visitors from all around the world also during the Autumn season to participate in the various tourism activities organized during the city’s tourism festival, which is a prominent event that promotes Salalah as an ideal destination for family holidays and vacations.

The Salalah Tourism Festival is held annually and features a busy schedule comprising art and culture performances and folk markets, as well as cooking shows that offer tourists opportunities to enjoy traditional Omani dishes. This year’s edition of the festival encompassed several exciting events such as the ‘Children’s Theater’, which offered them cultural, artistic and entertaining activities at the Municipal Entertainment Centre. The event was designed to improve general knowledge and develop skills and experience of young children, while also highlighting their talents and creativity.

The Oman Ministry of Tourism regularly participates in most significant international exhibitions in the tourism and travel industry, besides organizing a series of direct and indirect meetings with various tour operators in the GCC, as part of its endeavors to increase awareness on the Sultanate’s diverse and rich nature and the government’s efforts to preserve its natural environment.

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