May, 2024

RTA reviews Dubai Metro contribution to sustainable environment at Ajman International Environment Conference

AJMAN- The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) participated in the 3rd Ajman International Environment Conference held under the theme (An Innovative Approach to Sustainability), which attracted a wonderful lineup of top international and local experts in the field of environment, water and energy, who discussed and stressed the importance of caring for the quality of urban development in nurturing environment-friendly cities that offer residents a healthy and sustainable environment.

مؤتمر عجمان 2Engineer Abdul Rida Abu Al Hassan, Director of RTA Rail Planning and Development, said: “The RTA delivered a detailed research paper in which it reviewed the Dubai Metro experience in terms of achieving environmental sustainability through minimizing the carbon footprint in Dubai Emirate since the metro is powered by electrical systems; a first-rate clean power that contributes to reducing pollution of the air in the environment in which the metro operates.”

“The work paper revealed the role of the metro in reducing the traffic density across Dubai through offering access to vital destinations, besides our efforts to encourage community members to dispense with the use of private vehicles powered by conventional fuel. We have provided a host of services that render the use of the Dubai Metro an effective means for fulfilling the needs of users and attracting more ridership. The paper also explained the role of the Dubai Metro in diversifying the public transport means in the Emirate, and accordingly improving the quality of living for residents and visitors in addition to creating more job prospects, and contributing to a successful work and economic environment. The paper indicated that the rising numbers of metro riders underlines the fact that the Dubai Metro has succeeded in realizing the main objective for which it was built i.e. providing a sustainable environment,” elaborated Abu Al Hassan.

“The 3rd Ajman International Environment Conference sought to achieve several objectives highlighted by minimizing the amount of wastes generated, reducing water & air pollution rates, and slashing inputs required for the production of power, water and foodstuffs. The Conference defined the general concept of sustainable development as responding to the present needs without sacrificing or undermining the ability of future generations to meet their respective needs. The conference succeeded in providing a forum for all specialists and researchers in the field of environment and urban development to discuss and share inputs as regards developing environmental cities capable of conserving natural resources, and providing efficient sustainable transit systems,” concluded the Director of RTA Rail Planning and Development.

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