April, 2024

Roberto Coin celebrates the elegance and femininity of the Leo woman

Known for her individuality and vivacious nature, the Leo woman is best represented with a statement piece that emits self-confidence and courage. She is not afraid to be the center of attention, and this Lion Limited Edition work of art is the perfect ring to compliment her beauty.

The 18-karat yellow gold ring, adorned with delicate lines of colourless diamonds, black diamonds, pink sapphires and enamel, grants its wearer divine magnificence and everlasting allure.

The lion is also Roberto Coin’s zodiac sign and the emblem of his native city, Venice.  An exceptional piece in his collection, Roberto Coin designed this vibrant and refined jewel with intimate inspiration and followed the complex manufacturing process to allow the intricate mane to be as free, dynamic and wild as the bright side of life should be, a fundamental symbol the lion represents.

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