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Persil Arwaa Abaya contest turns over a new leaf with ‘Stars of Design’

DUBAI-Persil Abaya Shampoo, an innovative product from Henkel that offers the renowned German Black Renew technology and protection for Abayas, today(May 21st) announced a brand new format for Arwaa Abaya Competition, which offers Abaya designers a bigger platform to showcase their skills and expertise.

The Persil Arwaa Abaya Competition, into its Season 6 this year, will unravel a totally new format and concept – ‘Stars of Design’ – offering six talented Abaya designers an exceptional platform to present their designs over a six-month period between June and December 2014.

As in the past years, Persil Arwaa Abaya Competition will work closely with MBC 1 on their morning show Sabah Al-Kheir Ya Arab between 11 AM to 1 PM. Each month will be dedicated to one designer, who could be a famous one with his or her own lines or boutiques.

Each month would be broken into four distinct episodes focusing on one particular aspect about the designer – such as, 1. Meet the designer: encompassing a quick introduction, and focusing on the personal aspects; 2. The Collection Show: which will showcase the collection, 3. Inspiration: on what inspires him or her, video of sketches, a visit to workshop and 4. My Abaya World: including a visit to the designer’s own wardrobe.

This platform will bring the latest Abaya designs to the consumers who have always anticipated this event. During the episodes, the viewers can personalize their experience by choosing which design they would like to find out more about. They could later share those images with their friends or use them to create similar Abayas in the future.

Putting the viewers in control enables them to act like collection curator and choose the design that they like the most.

This year’s Persil Arwaa Abaya Competition is quite different from the earlier five years, where the competition was showcased on the MBC 1 and the jury as well as the viewers voted on each designer across a period of one/ two months. The designer who garnered the maximum number of votes walked away with the coveted competition prize as also an internship with a leading Abaya fashion designer from the region.

“The Persil Arwaa Abaya competition has evolved over the years. While we have always been innovative and introduced new concept addition every passing year over the last five editions of the competition, we have taken this contest to a completely new level this year. As evident, our focus is on harnessing and giving the local and regional designers a great platform to showcase their talent and expertise,” said Lisa Tohme at Henkel Arabia.

She added: “In the new format, we will focus on each designer for a period of one month, by presenting various aspects of her design, expertise and personal life. As always, we will energize the initiative through the social media and other platforms to garner maximum viewer-customer-audience engagement.”

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