March 17, 2023

Overwhelming visitor response to ‘Sultan of Science’ exhibition at Bilim Merkezi Science Centre

4KONYA- MTE Studios’ global travelling exhibition, ‘Sultan of Science ‘is getting a positive response from  the visitors of Bilim Merkezi Science Centre in Konya in Turkey, as the exhibition takes the Science centre visitors through the Islamic scholars discoveries and inventions in the Golden Age of Islam.

Sultan of Science reveals the remarkable achievements of Muslim civilization, which helped, pave the way for modern technologies and inventions. Turkish audiences learn about the significant role the Islamic scholars played in modern science, from astronomy to medicine to engineering to navigation and optics and how these innovations and discoveries have helped in making mankind’s life easier today.

2‘We are delighted with the comments from the visitors to Konya Science centre, as this interactive exhibition allows visitors to explore the main fields of Muslim achievements, from mathematics, navigation, astronomy, medicine, instrument making, fine technology, engineering, optics, architecture and flight. The exhibition engages people of all ages and backgrounds in experiences that educate, inform, inspire action and understanding across cultures,” said CEO, Ludo Verheyen from MTE Studios

Sultans of Science has been hosted at prestigious venues including the MTN Science Centre in Cape Town, South Africa; the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, USA; Ontario Science Center in Canada; TELUS World Of Science in Edmonton, Canada; Tech Museum in San Jose, Science Centre Singapore, National Science Museum in Thailand, Petrosains Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Norwegian Museum for Science ,Technology and Science Centre at Bursa  in Turkey and now in Bilim Merkezi Science Centre in Konya,Turkey.

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