July, 2024

Musafir.com Enhances Offerings with Amadeus NDC Technology and Robotics Integration

Dubai, UAE – Musafir.com, the UAE’s premier online travel agency, has announced the expansion of its partnership with travel technology leader Amadeus. This collaboration integrates Amadeus’ advanced NDC technology and Robotics into musafir.com’s platform, enhancing traveler benefits and streamlining booking experiences.

The New Distribution Capability (NDC), a transformative standard in the travel industry, enables enhanced retailing and more tailored offers. By adopting Amadeus’ NDC [X] program, musafir.com positions itself at the forefront of travel technology, delivering unparalleled convenience and personalized services.

Sachin Gadoya, Co-Founder and CEO of musafir.com, stated, “Technology forms the backbone of modern travel, and we are delighted to fortify our partnership with Amadeus. This strategic integration empowers us to offer a more personalized travel experience via musafirbiz, providing access to richer content and tailored offers that redefine the journey for our travelers.”

Maher Koubaa, Executive Vice President of the Travel Unit and Managing Director EMEA at Amadeus, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting, “We are pleased to collaborate with musafir.com, a pioneering force in the market. Through Amadeus’ NDC technology, musafir.com can offer enhanced capabilities to shop, order, and pay for flights and related services, along with the flexibility to customize bookings with ancillaries.”

The integration enables the creation of tailored bundles for customers, such as customized packages for frequent business travelers with preferred seating options. Dynamic pricing strategies will ensure flexible offers, allowing real-time adjustments to meet market demands.

Amadeus’ Fare Optimizer robot constantly monitors airfares from booking to departure, identifying cost-saving opportunities and offering instant alerts for rebooking. This tool ensures travelers receive the best value for their journeys.

Key benefits include automated scanning for lower fares, increased agent efficiency through automatic rebooking, personalized recommendations, and configurable optimization to maximize profitability.


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