December 3, 2023

Madi International unravels Kemon hair solutions in UAE

DUBAI- Madi International, one of the leading distributors of internationally-reputed professional beauty brands across the entire Middle East, has brought the world-class excellence and expertise of Kemon hair care and styling solutions to the U.A.E. market. The top Italian manufacturer of professional hair care products has carved a niche with a 55-year-old legacy and comes with a host of high quality products inspired by nature and fashion across three verticals – technical, care and styling.

Since its inception, Kemon has been dedicated to technically excellent products, with an emphasis on hair color and specific care treatments.The Technical range includes Cramer color, Yo Color System, Lunex System, Unamy; the Care range encompasses Actyva and Liding Care while the Styling range includes Hair Manya.

Talking about the excellence, Kemon has forged a bond with the most qualified hairdressers, with its products and services all over the world, and it’s time to introduce this world-class expertise to the hair-conscious clientele in the U.A.E. The products of Kemon are of the finest quality, and its research into new technologies is the global vanguard of the beauty industry.

Kemon’s Cramer color classic permanent cream hair coloring offers high reliability & long-lasting solution. It comes in 91 mixable shades and contains Coconut Oil which keeps the hair hydrated.

The Yo Color System is a yogurt-based colour and is made of organically-grown ingredients across a range of brilliant and super productive shades. It is a complete Ammonia free hair color that covers grey hair by 100%.

The Lunex System offers specific solution for every lightening need, and extends multiple bleaching services – including Lunex Ultra Cream, Lunex Light, Lunex Colourful and Lunex Decap Super. The Unamy System in the Technical Range which offers advanced straight and wave system, which provides a long-lasting result with greater definition for both curls and straight hair compared to classic straightening technology.

The Actyva complete hair treatment option in the Care Range which offers personalized services with its natural ingredients and hi-tech formulations and exclusive salon professional solutions. It provides a customized nutrition for various kinds of hair problems.

The Liding Care offers shampoos and a 10-in-1 leave-in product with excellent conditioning power. It’s a trendy hair care line that suits working women with fast life but still need to have a beautiful healthy hair.

The Hair Manya Styling Range from Kemon offers stylish range of sprays, gels pastes and serums with bright colours and fresh scents that help you style your hair perfectly.

On the whole, Kemon maintains and develops the best professional talents with the final aim of creating lost-lasting bonds among the company, its clients, its suppliers, and its community. Kemon will continue to research and develop new products that aspire and improve people’s lives.

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