March 2, 2024

Little fashionistas dazzle the ramp at Modhesh Summer Fashion at Dubai Festival City Mall

DUBAI- Little fashionistas of all nationalities are taking to the ramp this summer to showcase their sense of style and glamour in Dubai, which is already quite well-known for its bustling fashion scene.

image 3Modhesh Summer Fashion, which runs until 12 August at the Dubai Festival City Mall, is one of the many attractions that the 17th edition of Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) is offering to the city’s youngest residents and visitors.

During the inaugural fashion show, which took place on 6 August, the youngest group comprising kids between the ages of 5 and 8 years walked the ramp in style, flaunting the latest collections from the Babyshop brand.

After the fashion show, kids thronged the T-shirt designing workshop to take home their unique and personalized tops. Following the glitz and glamour of the fun-filled fashion show, both parents and kids also made the most of the first informative seminar, organized as part of the event. The seminar featured the topic ‘How to Boost Teen’s Confidence’ led by Dima Saidi.

image 1Modhesh on stage

Modhesh too joined the bandwagon of the wannabe fashionistas at the Modhesh Summer Fashion by performing on stage and handing out gift bags to the participating kids. Modhesh will continue to add his unique charm during each fashion show.

At the end of the show, stylish pictures of the participating kids were incorporated into the cover page of the Modhesh Magazine, which was then placed on a special wall created just for the event. The photos will also be sent to the parents as a memento.

Fashion on Friday

On 8 August (Friday), girls between the age of 13 and 16 years will dazzle the ramp during two fashion shows, with clothing and accessories from Forever 21. The first show will begin at 6pm and the second show will be staged at 8:45pm, followed by a brief ceremony where Modhesh will come along to hand out goody bags to the participating kids.

T-Shirt designing workshop

In addition to the two Forever 21 fashion shows, Modhesh Summer Fashion will also organize a

T-shirt designing workshop at 4:30pm – where kids can use their creativity to design their individual tops and the perfume emporium at 7:15pm where they will learn to mix different ingredients to create a fragrance of their choice on Friday, 8 August. Further, the free face painting area is open to visitors at all times from 4:30pm until closing time each day of the event.

image 5The week-long event, which will conclude on 12 August, gives children between the ages of 5 and 16 years, the unique opportunity to get their first taste of what it is like to be a model in the fashion industry.

Participating kids are being placed in various groups based on their ages before they hit the ramp to showcase the latest apparel and accessories collections from leading fashion houses including Babyshop, Aeropostale, Sketchers, Forever 21, Max, Stadium and Centrepoint.

image 2The young wannabe models are taken through every stage of a real fashion event, from behind-the-scenes styling to learning the graceful walk under the guidance of a trained choreographer. Chaperons from the organizing team escort the kids through each step – from trying on clothes, hair styling, makeup and accessorizing – before they are fully ready to flaunt their modelling talent before an appreciative audience. While on the ramp, they are also photographed by paparazzi just as in a regular fashion event and cheered by their parents who occupy the front-row seating at the venue.

The 17th edition of DSS will run until 5 September this year, under the theme, “The Fun Side of Summer.”


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