May, 2024

LEGOLAND® Dubai Unveils Interactive LEGO® Ever-changing Play Box

Dubai– LEGOLAND® Dubai, known for its captivating brick-built wonders, is set to enchant visitors with the launch of a dynamic new attraction: the LEGO® Ever-changing Play Box. Making its debut in the UAE on April 27th, this immersive experience promises an adventure filled with creativity and exploration. Situated within the iconic MINILAND, where LEGO marvels like the Burj Khalifa and Sheikh Zayed Mosque stand tall, the Ever-changing PlayBox offers a six-part journey into the boundless world of LEGO.

Families visiting LEGOLAND® Dubai will now have the opportunity to delve into the captivating history of the LEGO Group, engage in hands-on building activities, and immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of the region, all within the innovative confines of the Ever-changing Play Box.

The attraction is designed to inspire learning through play, with interactive elements that cater to guests of all ages. From uncovering hidden treasures to witnessing the evolution of the iconic 2×4 red LEGO brick, visitors can expect a truly immersive experience that sparks imagination and creativity.

Key features of the LEGO® Ever-changing Play Box include:

  • History: Guests can embark on an interactive tour exploring the rich heritage of the LEGO Group, with opportunities to discover fascinating facts and collect special LEGO cards.
  • Brick by Brick: Witness the magic of transformation as the iconic 2×4 red LEGO brick evolves before your eyes, showcasing its endless creative possibilities.
  • Build: Dive into hands-on fun at the Build area, where visitors can follow step-by-step instructions to construct one of three exciting models.
  • Inspire: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the region at the “Yalla Habibi” zone, which showcases unique LEGO builds highlighting regional creativity.
  • Rebuild: Step into the future at the Rebuild zone, where guests can unleash their creativity by crafting new creations from existing models and share them in a digital gallery.

The Ever-changing Play Box offers families the opportunity to capture unforgettable memories with LEGO-built creations before bidding farewell to this enchanting experience.

Admission to the LEGO® Ever-changing Play Box is included with day tickets to LEGOLAND® Dubai, ensuring that families can enjoy a day filled with fun and exploration. For those looking to take advantage of an exclusive 10% discount on online bookings, visit today.


(Compiled by Roshna/GD Mail)

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