September 23, 2023

Kuwait, UNESCO, ALECSO hold seminar on cultural heritage

af267c0c-d6ae-4a84-a30c-c708f36bf21bKUWAIT- A second seminar by the committee to preserve cultural heritage in Arab societies was held on Wednesday(May 7th) with the participation of Kuwait National Council for Culture, Arts, and Literature, the UNESCO, and the ALECSO.

In a speech at the outset of the seminar, secretary general of the Council Ali Alyouha stressed the fact that the reason for forming the committee was to ensure that aspects of Kuwaiti cultural heritage were kept intact if not enhanced more.

Agreeing with him was representative of ALECSO at the seminar Dr. Hayat Qurmazi who emphasized the imperative to protect all aspects of Kuwaiti and Arab heritages as means of promoting sustained development.

Indicating the long relationship between Kuwait and UNESCO, the latter’s representative at today’s seminar Cecile Duvalle praised the convening of the seminar in Kuwait and said that it showed Kuwait’s earnestness in adhering to the agreement it had signed to preserve the cultural heritage of the country.
Spanning three days, the seminar is attended by a bevy of specialists who will assess the current efforts in the region to preserve the cultural heritages and review the experiences of some Arab countries in that regard.-KUNA

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