June, 2024

Introducing powerful mobility and gamification – Teleopti WFM 8

b970520994bca402_orgAward-winning Teleopti, provider of workforce management solutions, has added mobility and motivational gamification to its latest version of Teleopti WFM. Employees are more empowered than ever, with greater influence over their work-life balance – in real time, wherever, whenever.

Agents also engage in fun, game-like competition that boosts motivation and rewards high, measurable performance – ultimately improving the customer experience and earning the company substantial ROI.

“We’ve been in the business of WFM for over 20 years. Our advanced, automated forecasting and scheduling tools have helped contact centres increase productivity, improve customer service and boost agent satisfaction significantly,” says Olle Düring, CEO of Teleopti. “Now, we’ve gone a step further, pioneering the use of gamification features to improve agent motivation and performance. This ultimately enhances the customer experience and also effectively aligns contact-centre operations with those of the organisation.”

a19960143ab391ff_orgGamification is increasingly being adopted and successfully applied in business contexts as organisations realise the tremendous value it can bring to their business; i.e. the fun and competitive nature and its built-in positive reinforcement pushes agents to perform to the best of their ability.

“Teleopti has always been at the forefront of increasing agent engagement and empowerment, so it’s quite natural that we’re the first WFM vendor to introduce gamification,” says Magnus Geverts, Chief Business Development Officer at Teleopti. “We recognise that people are naturally drawn to competition, recognition and achievement. Teleopti WFM 8 automatically keeps track of pre-set targets and notifies agents of goal achievement.”

With the bar raised on motivation, contact-centre work becomes more satisfying, lowering absenteeism and turnover in the long run. Agents typically represent some 60 -70 percent of a total contact center’s costs making applications that help boost agent satisfaction mission-critical today.

More Teleopti WFM 8 highlights:

  • MyTeam, the new team-leader tool, designed for tablets, empowers instant action taking. Team leaders, no longer stuck at their workstations, can monitor performance, take immediate action and coach agents in real-time while walking the floor.
  • New competence and quality-management modules determine crucial factors that generate optimised business outcomes, rapidly identify agent skill gaps and provide necessary training/coaching in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The new Training Planner can arrange training on an individual, agent-by-agent basis.
  • The new, streamlined look and feel makes version 8 even easier, faster and more efficient to use.
  • Adherence capabilities, web alerts (with drill-down from overviews to details) and instant notifications now occur in real time – for faster action and response.
  • Improved, self-service modules significantly boost agent engagement and empowerment. Agents can, from any preferred web-based device, post schedule preferences, vacation requests and now, also overtime availability, follow performance and achievements, and more.

b95a14eef0b76dbd_org“With Teleopti WFM 8, there’s no need to do any further diligence. Neither do you need to trade off functionality for ease of use. Here, you get the best of both worlds,” says Geverts. “We’re recognised for supplying the most feature-rich and user-friendly WFM solution on the market – now with added gamification!”

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