April, 2024

IKEA launches new catalogue in UAE

Home furnishing retailer IKEA, part of Al-Futtaim group of companies, has launched its 64th annual catalogue with ‘Where the everyday begins and ends’ as the theme for the year.

The catalogue will be launched simultaneously across the globe in over 46 countries and 345 stores. This will be the 25th edition of the catalogue for the UAE with over 1 million copies printed. The catalogue will be delivered door to door across Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

John Kersten, Managing Director, IKEA- UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman said, “We believe that the everyday is the most important day of the week. The new edition of the IKEA Catalogue focuses on these everyday moments. We hope to create affordable home furnishing solutions that inspires a more beautiful and easier life at home. Because if everyone can make the everyday begin and end in a nicer way, just imagine the effect on life!”

Adosh Sharma, Store Manager IKEA Yas Island at launch of the IKEA Catalogue 2015
Adosh Sharma, Store Manager, IKEA, Yas Island at launch of the IKEA Catalogue 2015

IKEA conducts a regular Life at Home report that looks deeply into the current lifestyle of customers. The report illustrates that urbanisation has greatly changed the way we live now. Millennial families are often living closer and in spaces smaller than before. Therefore it is essential for IKEA to stay true to the brand and offer creative channels to bring dream homes to life.

New products for 2015 have been designed with multi-functionality, storage and personal styles at their core. This ensures that even though we cannot make our living spaces bigger, IKEA can help make it work better.

Each year the catalogue focuses on ‘NEW’ additions to the existing range with innovative products boasting practicality, design and affordability. This year’s cover stretches from front to back of the catalogue, from sunrise to sunset, supporting the theme of the year – ‘Where the everyday begins and ends’ – highlighting focus on the bedroom and bathroom.

The catalogue incorporates many unexpected ideas for creating a style and space that is creative and personal where the individual can feel completely comfortable and be themselves. Just within the bedroom and bathroom areas itself, over one-third of the available products are new to the market. These products address the need to be functional, organized and comfortable, too.

This year, the IKEA Catalogue has also reached a major milestone. It is officially the largest print production ever to be printed on 100% Forest Stewardship Council Mix Credit paper and carry the FSC logo. This means the entire IKEA catalogue production chain, from forest to printer, is FSC-certified to ensure a more sustainable origin of the wood. Also, more than half of the total energy used in the pulp, paper and print production came from renewable sources for the IKEA catalogue.

The IKEA Catalogue is an iconic tool popular for taking the brand closer to the many people and showcases a selection of the products available in local stores. Integral to the brand promise, the IKEA Catalogue inspires its readers with functional and affordable ideas to create a better life for the many – whether people live alone, together or with children.

Available in 32 languages across the world, the IKEA Catalogue for the UAE will be available in English and Arabic. This edition lists over 2000 products across 324 pages with prices that stay low for an entire year.

The Catalogue is also designed with special icons to help navigate readers through the information shared. The ‘NEW’ icon, for example, highlights products that are additions to the existing IKEA range. Similarly, the ‘+’ sign on certain pages invites customers to scan that specific page of the Catalogue using the free IKEA Catalogue app to access extended content available online. Extended content includes image galleries, 3D visuals, seamless interaction and full screen films, among many other exciting features. This year more than 60 spreads in the catalogue have extended content. For example, there are 24 films with quick do-it-yourself-tips or in depth information about particular home furnishing solutions.

However, the highlight of the IKEA Catalogue app is probably the augmented reality feature. This amazing function brings the catalogue to life allowing users to scan the catalogue then choose from around 300 products to create furniture settings in their immediate surroundings.

The Catalogue also makes special mention of IKEA’s various social initiatives, highlighting in particular, the importance of energy saving, sustainability and children’s education. This year, IKEA aims to introduce an increased range of environment friendly consumables such as batteries, bulbs and recyclable bags. The catalogue also focuses on Scandinavian superfood – Salmon, in addition to the popular Swedish meatballs.

The new Catalogue can also be viewed on the IKEA web app, which is made available for free on Apple and Android app market

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