March 16, 2023

Global artists to exhibit at College of Fine Art & Design, Sharjah University

SHARJAH- Artissima Art Gallery, in collaboration with the College of Fine Art and Design, University of Sharjah will be displaying the exclusive works of artists from the Albania, Bolivia, Italy and Peru from the 28th of September to the 12th of October at the College exhibition area.

Among the artists is Ndue Pepa from Albania, whose techniques are based on Albanian traditions. He practices the philosophy of stylistic deformity through his eye retina photographs, which resembles the circle rotation spiral in a new stage and in a round cycle more advanced in time.

The strength of Ndue Pepa lies in the use of rich vibrant colours that are expressive and composed fluidly in dynamic geometric movements that are energetic and creative.

The collection will show Bolivian artist, Roberto Mamani Mamani, who develops his art from original visions and feelings of his people, using multiple colors to express character, textures and emotions. His original figurative work is like a multicolor party in which appears the Andean geography, full of characters, plants, animals, rituals and dances taking shape reflecting the Bolivian identity and legacy.

Peru Eddie SulcaFrom another genre, premier master weaver, Eddie Sulca, from Peru will enthrall the audience with Peruvian contemporary weaves. Eddie’s ability to create intricately designed effects has led him to produce stunning tapestries with three-dimensional effects that seem to stand away from the wall. He is the originator of unusual effects where he employs motifs and patterns drawn from the ancient cultures like the Inca and the Wari.

The collection includes artworks of the Italian artist, Daniela Carletti, whose works show the beauty of nature in its most peaceful state. She has a nostalgia for a time when human beings lived in direct communication with nature and has a compulsive need to represent this state, resulting on beautiful art pieces.

Aurela Cuku the Manager Partner of Artissima said, “We are happy to collaborate with The College of Fine Art and Design. This exhibition is a start for a longer collaboration, where Artissima will be another location to help and support the students, our future artists.”

The art exhibition will be launched on the evening of the 28th of September at 10am at the College of Fine Arts.


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