March 2, 2024

Exhibition featuring inaugural edition of The Other Hundred comes to Dubai

DUBAI- The exhibition featuring ‘The Other Hundred’ – a photo-book project acting as a counterpoint to the Forbes 100 and other rich lists and featuring 100 photo stories of people across 91 countries – is now coming to Dubai,after launching in Hong Kong in October last year.

3060e4c12e8427f0db766e9db7540584Dedicated to people whose lives deserve to be celebrated but would never make the cut, The Global Institute for Tomorrow (GIFT) – a Hong Kong-based think tank working to educate and prepare “current and future leaders” to be successful in a globalized world through “experiential executive learning programs” – recently launched a worldwide initiative in the form of a unique photo-book called ‘The Other Hundred’ project.

After being showcased in several countries already, the exhibition will be opening in Dubai on 16 September at the Limestone House Building, East Wing Gallery in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Curated by award winning photographer Stefen Chow, the exhibition will run till 15 October and will have a selection of stories from ‘The Other Hundred’ photo-book on display. In addition, the launch of the exhibition will have Chandran Nair, CEO and Founder of the Global Institute for Tomorrow and The Other Hundred Project Director making a special guest appearance.

Speaking about the exhibition, Chandran Nair, said: “The Other Hundred Project seeks to provide counterpoints to mainstream media narratives and stereotypes. I am delighted that this exhibition is talking place in Dubai as the Middle-East is possibly one of the most poorly understood regions and unfortunately too often presented using negative stereotypes.”

Featuring photo-stories from all over the world and all walks of life, the ‘The Other Hundred’ is the result of a worldwide collaboration between amateur and professional photographers.

When GIFT held an open call for photographers to submit pictures for this photo-book in early March last year, GIFT received 12,000 submissions from 1,500 photographers in 156 countries.Chandran Nair, CEO and Founder of the GIFT and The Other Hundred Project Director, together with five other judges selected 100 for the photo-book that was published in July. The book also includes short essays by acclaimed writers, such as author Pankaj Mishra, renowned Chinese poet Bei Dao, and award winning journalist Amy Goodman.

Launched with the aim of revealing how people from a variety of financial backgrounds actually live and by trying to account for the underrepresented “other”, that make up a majority of the world’s population, and which many international publications fail to focus on, GIFT aims to present a more realistic perspective on “the global village” by exposing this greater range of stories.

Taking this initiative further, GIFT has revealed that the second edition of ‘The Other Hundred’ will focus on stories of entrepreneurs who have started businesses, big and small, and taken control of their lives instead of conventional success stories about tech billionaires and elite MBAs.

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