December 9, 2023

ENOC Introduces High-Tech Fuel Distribution Trucks

Dubai: ENOC Group has introduced a new fleet of trucks compliant with the latest international EHS standards. The Group’s move is in line with its commitment towards incorporating best EHS practices for all its stakeholders.

The new fleet is powered by the latest technologies; and are ADR certified; a European Agreement concerning the ‘International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road’. The safety features on the truck fleet incorporate cutting edge technologies to ensure safe driving, reduce driver fatigue, increase fuel-efficiency, stabilise the vehicle and prevent accidents.

The tankers’’ body is made of aluminium, which increases the fleet’s operational efficiency by 65% – from 2.3 kilometres per litre to 3.4 kilometres. The use of lightweight aluminium also reduces stress on the truck’s engine, thereby cuts maintenance costs by 22 per cent.

His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group Chief Executive Officer of ENOC, said: “We firmly believe the importance of adhering to stringent guidelines when it comes to sustainability and safety, and our new fleet of trucks stands true to our stance on it. We have been a pioneer in fuel distribution in the UAE and with the help of innovation, technology and digitisation, we have created industry benchmarks in the environment, health and safety that benefit our customers and consumers.”

With security being one of the core pillars of Dubai Plan 2021, ENOC Group’s safety policies are aligned with this vision as it implements several safety features across its operations, products and services. ENOC Group has introduced these trucks in line with the increasing fuel demand gearing up to EXPO 2020 Dubai.

The new fleet is driver-proof which means the trucks are equipped with an Electronic Stability Programme, a novel concept in the automobile industry to eliminate vehicle rollover and maintain the stability of the truck. The programme monitors the tilting tendency of a truck and supplies more air electronically into the air bellows on the opposite side to stabilise the vehicle.

The trucks are also powered with monitoring mechanisms to inspect driver behaviour such as distractions, drowsiness and use of mobile phone while driving. The front camera records the entire journey and this data is used to analyse driving habits, investigate customer complaints such as rash driving and accidents daily. Drivers are also counselled and scheduled for refresher training on various topics to improve driving skills and further enhance road safety.

The trucks have Alcolock, a breath analyser system that checks if the driver is under the influence of alcohol and automatically locks the truck forbidding the driver to enter the cabin. The fleet also has smaller tyre size to maintain a lower centre of gravity; an air-filled suspension system to lower and lift the vehicle; air-filled handrails with brake interlock system and automatic reverse stopper to bring the truck to a halt at a predetermined distance before hitting with an object while reversing.

ENOC Group constantly studies the local as well as international markets to adopt industry best practices. The Group manages around 80 heavy-duty vehicles out of which 70 are tanker trucks used for fuel distribution for its retail, product and aviation operations. On an average, ENOC Group delivers about 4 billion litres of fuel annually with the fleet covering about 8 million kilometres per year.

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