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DM confirms tremors had no special effects in the region

DUBAI-  According to Dubai Municipality Seismic Network, tremors felt in Dubai and other parts of the country caused by the earthquake in southern Iran to the south of Qushm Island had no special effect in the region.

unnamed (3)The network recorded the main shock at 09:44 am today (27/5/2014) with a magnitude of 5.8 in Richter scale.

The felt intensity in Mercalli scale ranges from 3 up to 4 in Dubai while it was around 4 in Ras Al-Khaima. The main shock is preceded by three smaller tremors with magnitudes less than 3 in Richter scale. 

While the tremor which was recorded 5.8 in Ritcher Scale had stronger shock only in Ras Al-Khaima, people who were in high rise buildings of Dubai felt it and forced to get out of them.

Eng. Mohammed Mashroom, director of Survey department, Dubai Municipality said, these seismic activities happened in the seismic belt that extends north-west parallel to Zagros mountain belt, because of the collision between Arabian tectonic plate with Eurasian plate.

He also confirmed that all buildings in Dubai are safe against such moderate tremors.  


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