June 9, 2023

DKNY’s innovative Ramadan initiative resonated globally

UAE-AlYasra Fashion, the Middle East distributor for fashion forward brand DKNY, together with their communication partner Havas PR Middle East, launched a special Ramadan initiative, #DKNYRamadan, a handpicked Ramadan Capsule Collection, styled by two Middle Eastern influencers, the campaign was not only appreciated by women in the Middle East, but also globally.

sPicked up by publications and online’s, such as ‘O magazine’ (Oprah Winfrey). Vogues all over the world, ELLE’s across the world, NBC, newspapers across the world, and with more than 9,1 estimated million impressions on Twitter and nearly 400 uploads on Instagram, using the #DKNYRamadan, the success was a fact.

At the end of the month, DKNY Middle East had registered a rise of 33% of its sales in its stores in the GCC, and a rise of 74% in Saudi Arabia, compared to Ramadan 2013.

As the first international fashion brand to dedicate a collection to Ramadan, using exquisite and appropriate pieces, fitted perfectly into the cultural context in the Middle East, DKNY received high praise from the media and public at large from various countries across the globe.

The gesture was hailed by the fashion industry as a step forward in brands designing more bespoke creations, region wise.

DKNY’s Ramadan Capsule Collection was styled by the two Middle Eastern and social media influencers, Yalda Golsharifi and Tamara al Gabbani, who hand-picked styles from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, keeping the fashionable and stylish Middle Eastern woman in mind.

sdThe collection comprised of a bold color palette, which mirrors the trendy and fashion forward women of the region. With rich blue hues and vibrant shades of orange, figure flattering silhouettes, such as maxi dresses, long skirts, airy shirts and chic jumpsuits, the collection offered the women styles, which they could dress up in for any occasion and always be stylish and  appropriately dressed.

Mr. Adel Alansari, Head of Marketing at AlYasra Fashion said: “DKNY is a very innovative, fresh and stylish brand, with its urban DNA, rooted in the streets of New York. The Middle East market is extremely fashion forward – up to date on global fashion trends and simultaneously proud of its own fashion heritage, which is why we wanted to create a regionalized campaign, rather than stereotyped one. For that reason, we reached out to Yalda and Tamara, to style a Ramadan Capsule Collection, using pieces created with the Middle Eastern woman in mind. The collection resonated really well, not only amongst women in the Middle East, but also amongst women in other parts of the world.”


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